Failed PMHNP Boards Twice

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Hi guys I need help. I finished school in April 2020 with great grades. I took the boards on June 2020 and got a 347(you need to get a 350 to pass. I studied my butt off with my classmate, who had also failed in June. We used pocket prep, lantern review, the ANCC PMHNP IQ bank, and the purple book from ANCC.  We just took them again 60 days later. She passed, I failed—-again with a 341. My highest area consistently is ethical and legal principals and all my others fluctuate High to low  -are inconsistent in all other areas. I feel as though I know content but I struggle with question style. Im definitely more of a research paper kinda girl. Not sure but so far no ones been able to help me so far. Any advice? 

( Pocket Prep. Any underground review courses, these are better than the commercial ones. 

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