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I was just wondering if I could maybe get a consensus on what everyone thought the best book or approach or material to use to pass is? I took it yday n did not do so hot. Nething would be helpful! TY!


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spike, if you could, I would recommend taking a Hurst Live Review or Online Review & studying all the content in that book until you could lecture on how those topics. this Hurst review only works successfully, if you will put in the time & dedication to MASTER all the content in it. for example, an old classmate and I who failed it, took it & studied aggressively for a month, quizzing each other on every single piece of content in it. He & I did not do a ton of questions. He did (1) of the Hurst QBank Review Exams and I did (2) of them. Our Goal was to be Armed with a full arsenal of CONTENT. This way come exam time, we had the facts solid without a doubt & was able to answer the questions from a critical thinking and safety perspective.

However, you gotta figure out what works for you. What works for one, may not work for another. If you ever want to chat live, send me a private message with your #, and I will call you with suggestions.


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I recommend Hurst. I used hurst to review after I failed the first time and doing it the second time around after hurst was a world of difference. Knowing the core content taught in Hurst really helped me pass the exam.


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My vote is for Hurst! That is all I used to study for the NCLEX and I passed!


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I graduated way back in 2011 and had a family emergency where I began studying less than 4 months ago. I stuck to Saunders for content and NCSBN, PDA, NCLEX 4000, Saunders CD, and Lippincott Q&A for questions. I did close to 100 Qs a day the first two months and by the last month, I was going about 250 Qs. Don't give up! You can do it! I passed in 75 questions when I look it two days ago. I posted a detailed study plan in a post a few days back of what helped me. :)

Good luck to you! You will make it. If you need anything, please PM me.


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I hated the boring Hurst live review but that's just me. The Hurst book NCLEX RN review is much better than the live review with lots of cool charts and info you just have to know and you don't have to sit through lectures. We sat through enough lectures in nursing school.

The best book is SAUNDERS! If you do the whole book and read the rationales and the test taking strategies listed after the rationales you will pass!

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I find that sticking to one resource worked best for me. I passed my NCLEX RN in 75 questions. I purchased the new Saunders NCLEX-RN book which comes with an access code to over 5000 questions. I read the ENTIRE book, yes all 77 chapters and did all questions in the book. I did the assessment test thats on the website which comes with the access code. Its 75 questions and when you're done it gives you a six week study plan. I studied faithfully for 7 weeks. I finished my study plan a week early which allowed me to focus on practice questions. I increased my number of questions each for a week before my exam for example 125, 135, 180, 200, 265. I did not study the day before my exam.

I used Saunders and NCSBN for questions. The NCSBN Learning Extension were closest to the test IMO.


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Go to helped me alot


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I also practice 3000 nclex questions

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