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Failed NCLEX-RN twice, BSN grad, Should I challenge LPN exam?


I am a BSN grad. I failed NCLEX-RN twice. I am working as a tech where I was hired as a new grad. My manager is supportive and said that she will hire me as a LPN, since I don't have to wait and take the LPN exam..but I do have to wait to retake the NCLEX-RN. LPNs and RNs do the same work where I am employed. The test is $275 and I would only make a few more dollars as an LPN than I do as a tech. Is it worth it or a good idea? I feel burnt out with studying. I did Hurst, a kaplin review book and the NCBON learning extension. Is the LPN exam worth it? I can retake RN in 30 days. My manager also said I can transition into a RN position once I pass. I'm great at patient care, but not with tests. Any advice?

LadyFree28, BSN, RN

Specializes in Pediatrics, Rehab, Trauma. Has 10 years experience.

Depending on your BON, you may not be able to take the NCLEX-PN.

Also best in mind that the NCLEX-PN is just as daunting as the NCLEX-RN, and requires different mindset in picking the answers; you will not be answering questions like a entry level RN.

If you are burned out from studying; you need to step back and try a different way of studying.

Check your performance reports and see what your weaknesses are before studying again.

To add: start to understand the four concepts of becoming a competent, entry-level nurse:

1. Safe, effective care;

2.Health promotion;

3.Physiological Integrity;

4.Psychosocial integrity

Will determine WHAT the question is asking you; the question may be Respiratory related-but is it a Health Promotion or a Safety, or a Physiological or a Psychosocial one? Would you know the difference and choose the BEST answer?

Once one understands the concepts of NCLEX, they can answer the questions successfully.

If you can retest in just thirty days then I would focus on that. Were you close to passing?

Nienna Celebrindal

Has 12 years experience.

NO, 1) the LPN NCLEX is not the runner's up prize. They also have a different scope of practice than you and having taken it and about to take the NCLEX RN I can tell you its not a joke. 2)Study for your test, turn off your social media, get a tutor if you need, brush up on your weak places and practice practice practice.

RNfindingherway, BSN, RN

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Go for your RN License and don't let situations or people redirect you from your goal. Go for it. You will pass. STAY FOCUS!