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Failed Nclex-RN 2nd time around


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I have failed my exam after taking it 2nd time around, Don't know where to start studying again. All i know is that i need to pass this exam on any cost, I am ready to start studying again but dont know where to start Please my friends give me suggestion. Thanks

Take some time off, a few days won't hurt. Then get ready to plan your next attack. Start at the beginning and study as if you had never tested before. Be persistent and you will pass.


Specializes in school nurse, SNF, peds. Has 3 years experience.

What materials i should use now. I have taken my break and now I am back in the the river again

You will pass! Some people have major test anxiety and it's not always that they don't know the material, it is just that they get anxious and that really takes them down.

Have you tried Saunders, LaCharity, Kaplan Q bank, Q trainers, Hurst Review...maybe stop by your local borders or bookstore and browse through the NCLEX section might help...

I was in your shoes before.... AND I finally passed!

What did it for me was studying KAPLAN... and Hurst Review!

I did at least 200 questions a day!

I stopped working and going out.

I did this for about 2 months before i seen results!

email me at sherenavalico@yahoo.com

I failed the NCLEX 4 times. I was so discouraged after doing the pearson view trick the 4th time and it let me go to the credit card page. I was scoring 90% on Kaplan I guessed that I had somehow memorized the answers. I had only mostly studied Kaplan.

I just took the exam for the 5th time but got the good pop up this time. This time around I prayed God for directions. I registered for the Hurst review. Then I studied the book they gave to me. I also used Saunders this time but I only read the questions and rational in the book. I did not feel that doing many questions helped me so I did not this time. I studied to understand the material and applied Hurst suggestions. The money paid was so worth it. Hurst allows you to take the review many times in a year period. I drove 2 hours away to take the review 2 months prior to the exam. then

I read thew mterial daily for 2 months. then, I sat for the course again the week of the exam. I stongly believe that after God, the Hurst review and info that I had found on a thread in this website help me pass this time. search (spideman, Mrs wee or Vchips) to obtain the info.

Don't be discouraged, you can do it. I always passed my exams in nursing school without a problem but this test somehow I could not pass it but thank god it worked out this time.

Many people post how they pass the 1st time but I wanted to let those who have been trying unsucessfully know that it's possible to pass after many tries. Thanks to my dear God who directed me to hurst.

Check out : excel nursing review...google it... I took it and passed with 75 q.. Strong recommended ... Don't waste ur money on Kaplan or hurst review bc hurst review missing a lot nursing inter vention...


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I have had many students to tell me the same thing about Hurst. I have heard good things about excel review and also nclex made incredibly easy. Glad you are going to try again.