Failed due to ROOT any advice?


So, i have been following allnurses for some time and wanted to ask everyone's opinion on my situation.

The situation: i took my nclex this week and i ran out of time so due to the ROOT rule i was only graded on the last 60 of my 224 questions. Which i can say i panicked when my time was counting down and started skimming because i thought i could get the pass before it shutting off. well i got my cc today and the i was near passing line in one area and above passing in others. so now i am in the situation that i have to wait 45 days to retake.

so i am looking for advice and opinions on what to help me study this time around and hopefully not run out of time. I used hurst and did not find it as helpful as others have in the past. The questions are what was helpful. I am not exactly sure on how to go about studying last time i did a lot of questions and i think what took me a long time was i was reading very carefully and rereading. I also used PDA, saunders book and nclex4000 oh and i also have the mastery app. any words of encouragement or advice would be helpful. i didnt feel like i was lacking in knowledge and im sure i would have passed if i didnt run out of time but i plan on taking it again when my 45 days are up and i want to be prepared and plan on studying every day in 2-4 hour blocks. Thank you in advance for the help.


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My school had Kaplan built into the tuition. I think it taught me a lot of strategies, which could help you narrow down answers faster so you don't run out of time. If you fail they also will give you money back. I highly recommend Kaplan!


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What's the ROOT rule? (Nclex is new where I'm from)


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I used the Kaplan study guide. Got it at Barnes and noble for like $32. Read through it once and passed the first time with 75 questions! Try it! It works.

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What's the ROOT rule? (Nclex is new where I'm from)

Found via a simple Google search:


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thank you, i have been looking into kaplan our school used hesi. i think testing strategy would help me because i dont think i am lacking in content.