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Hi everyone, I was just starting to fill out a FAFSA and discovered that there isn't really a option for you to choose both "second Bachelor's" as well as "Graduate degree" when you are picking what kind of financial aid you are applying for. I'm sure I'm not the only person who is applying for both accelerated BSN and direct entry master's at the same time. For those of you who are/have, how did you go about filling out your FAFSA? Do you just change it when you get accepted to whatever program you wish to go to?

Hi Hilbub, I am in the same situation with the same question. I filled out my FAFSA with all schools listed and chose 5th yr undergrad...I wanted to submit the FAFSA and get the ball rolling--I know you can go back and make changes, and I figured I would submit while I am trying to get an answer to this question. I know it is important to check with the direct entry programs and ask them what the first year is considered--those that grant bsn/msn seem to be 5th year undergrad for the 1st year, but I am not sure about Vanderbilt or MGHI...I have to call them and find out. If I get any info I will definitely post it here and let you know, and if you find out please drop a line! Thanks!

So, I got to talk to someone at FAFSA that was very helpful. Basically, you submit your FAFSA as a 5th year undergrad, let it process. took my app 2 days. then go in and make a correction--change to 1st yrs graduate, and change grade level...let that correction process. all schools will will have access to both if necessary. Hope that helps!

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Hello fellow nurses,

I am filling out the fafsa this year for graduate school. I make nursing money in California which is nothing to complain about but I am now part time. Is there any way to show the Fafsa people that I will not be making nearly what I am making now while I am in school?

Let me know if you have any tips!



No its based on previous year income. You can tell your school directly that you now make less but not fafsa


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To expand on above, you enter all of your information into FAFSA, and they generate a number for your school's financial aid department. What you'll need to do then is work with your financial aid office to show that your income has change and to re-evaluate your data in order to offer you the correct amount of aid.

When I was in this situation (I had actually quit my job and started a job making a stipend of about 1/3 my former salary), my financial aid office requested that I have my former employer write a letter on their letterhead indicating that I was no longer employed there, and then had my then-current employer write a letter indicating my employment timeline (it was AmeriCorps, so it was a one-year term with specific start and end dates) as well as my yearly stipend amount. They then recalculated my EFC using the updated income information.

Thank you for expanding on my post scary! I was on my phone and couldn't type out all of that! ?


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Hello, I already have a BA in biology and will be going back to school for nursing for a MSN.

So right off the bat, should I expect any kind of possible grant from FAFSA at all? Even a small amount? Or is everything loans?

If you don't mind sharing your own experiences, was it tough to get additional financial aid besides loans for school? How and where would you find them?


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I had to go to an ADN program because at the time that I was ready to apply to RN programs, 2nd Bachelors students were not allowed to apply. I filled out the FAFSA and while the review clearly showed that I wasn't eligible for most student aid, they were able to use the data to show that I qualified for a tuition waiver. That made a huge difference in the total cost of the program. You'll have to check with our school's financial aid office to determine if you're eligible for tuition waivers, grants, loans, stipends... but chances are they'll need your FAFSA filled out and submitted.

I currently have a Bachelor's of Science degree and I'm planning on getting a second Bachelor's in Nursing. I plan on filling out my FAFSA soon since I haven't exhausted my resources getting the first degree. The only problem is that I don't know if I should say I'm a graduate or undergraduate since technically I am a graduate but I'm taking undergraduate classes. HELP!!

If you are taking undergrad courses for a 2nd BS then you are still classified as an undergrad... though you will start at the senior level because of the credits that you have already earned.


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You're still an undergraduate. 5th year.