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  1. scarykarrey

    Applying for UIC DNP...

    How is everyone doing? How are classes going?
  2. scarykarrey

    Should I get my DNP or go PhD in Nursing

    Have you considered earning an MHA (Master of Health Administration) degree? If you're interested in healthcare administration, you might want to check out this specialty, as it offers training on how to administrate specifically in the healthcare setting, rather than a broader knowledgebase of business offered with something like an MBA.
  3. scarykarrey

    Applying for UIC DNP...

    I really, really want to do the stats/epi one, but it just won't work with my work schedule.
  4. scarykarrey

    Frontier Nurse Midwife Program

    You might get more responses if you search in the APRN section of the website: Advanced Practice Nursing
  5. scarykarrey

    Nurse Midwife Programs - Good job outlook?

    Babies are going to keep being born, right?
  6. scarykarrey

    Combined DNP and WHNP?

    A DNP in what combined with WHNP? Women's Health is a specialty in which you can earn a DNP. Am I misreading your question?
  7. scarykarrey

    Yale GEPN vs BSN + Frontier for CNM

    Isn't it true, too, that Frontier requires 1 year of nursing experience before admission? So, you'd need to go the ADN route anyway, if you're wanting to attend that school, so that you could work for a year as a nurse before enrolling in the bridge program or the MSN.
  8. scarykarrey

    Applying for UIC DNP...

    I'm waiting to be able to log into the system, although it's probably going to take me a little longer since I turned in my enrollment confirmation+deposit late. I've started plugging away at getting my Certified Profile/Background Check done, though. It feels good to be accomplishing stuff.
  9. scarykarrey

    Applying for UIC DNP...

    Well, ****! I just found out from the regional office I was accepted to that they actually offer Iowa residents in-state tuition. That totally changes the playing field for me. How is everybody else doing?
  10. scarykarrey

    UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    No, my cumulative GPA is definitely not stronger. That's why my "last 60hr calculation" is hurt so badly by the fact that they won't include my ADN program in it, because once I got into nursing school, that's when I really started to excel.
  11. scarykarrey

    UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    Sorry, guys! I'll quit being a dark cloud here. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU! I'm so excited to see you all begin this journey!
  12. scarykarrey

    UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    As far as I know, UAB does not have a wait-list. So, no. He told me that if I do the calculations and I'm sure my most recent grades will pull my overall GPA above 3.0, then I should reapply for Summer 2015. No. Just no.
  13. scarykarrey

    UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    He claimed it was on this form, although I don't see it anywhere: http://www.uab.edu/nursing/home/images/stories/info_sa/GRE_MAT_Waiver.pdf The FAQ doesn't make any distinction in ADN grades (copied directly from the website): Q: How do you calculate GPA? A: For the bachelor’s program, the GPA is calculated from the overall GPA and the nursing-foundation-courses GPA. For the master’s programs, the overall GPA from all undergraduate-only courses and the last 60 hours of undergraduate-courses GPA.
  14. scarykarrey

    UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    According to JU, Director of Student Services of the School of Nursing, they do not factor 2-year program grades into their GPA calculations. When I sent my program director my grades way back in September, before I ever applied, she made no such distinction and said I'd be a good candidate for admission.
  15. scarykarrey

    UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    I just got off the phone with the director of student services, who told me that I was not admitted because my GPA for the last 60 hours was calculated at a 2.8, since they don't factor in grades from my ADN program, which is totally different from what I was advised by the program director. I honestly feel like I was deceived. I will not be reapplying.
  16. scarykarrey

    UAB Fall 2014 NP Programs

    I emailed my program director asking if she could find out the reasoning behind me not getting in this time, and she emailed right back from her phone and said she was sorry and would find out. This was really very, very disappointing, because of the way she had practically pleaded with me to try again back in February. She had made it sound like she was going to get me in after the snafu that happened with my Summer 2014 app. My overall GPA is under 3.0, but my GPA for the last 60 credits is 3.6+, my GRE scores were high, I had great recommendations, a rockin' essay, and what felt like heavy support from the WHNP program director, so I'm really not sure what happened.

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