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Okay, I'll try to keep this as concise as possible.:)

I was seperated from my now ex husband when I filled out my fafsa for '03-'04. However, I was confused as to whether or not I still had to include his income. Erring on the safe side, I included it which made me ineligible for pell grants. My financial aid office told me I DIDN'T have to include his income. I gave them my w-2's and they said they could only change my income if my file came up for verification.

I was on the corrections site anyway because I moved, and thought "why don't I just change it?". I figured if it was a "no-no" it wouldn't be allowed. Well, the change went through, and my EFC is now only $15 (yeah!). But now I'm worried that I wasn't really supposed to do this. Does anyone have any experience with this? I figure if anything the change will flag my file for verification. I just don't want to get into any trouble for doing it if I wasn't supposed to. :imbar

Anyway, TIA.


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As long as the correction was legitimate (and yours sounds like it) and it wasn't fraudulent, there should be no problems. That's why they allow corrections, because sometimes people find out they filled out the information wrong. I wouldn't be too worried if I were you.


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My school has a change of circumstance form for this. I was going to do it last year after my whole thing had already been figured (but before the semester started). I don't see why there would be anything wrong with it, I would almost consider talking to someone else again. In a situation like yours it can make a big difference.


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I think the only way it would be wrong would be if you reported your current income, WITHOUT hubby's income, as your last years income as stated on your tax return, when, in fact, your tax return INCLUDED your husband's income. On the FAFSA they are asking your income as reported on your tax return. (sheesh that's confusing!)

If your income has changed drastically from what was filed on your tax return, then I think you are supposed to do as someone mentioned above and get a change of circumstance form.

This stuff is so darn confusing, though, WHO KNOWS!


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A school I went to last year did a change of circumstance for me, as we had just seperated. I filled out my FAFSA in Feb (right after I did my taxes) I checked the box that said "seperated" for marital status, and my old school said I shouldn't have included his income even though we had filed together.

My new school has a notoriously bad financial aid office. They have staff that give out incorrect information. They told me in regards to change of circumstance that they "don't do that". I don't think I should be in trouble. It's not like I'm falsifying information. I'm just doing what the school should have done. I don't have help from his income anymore (the jerk doesn't even pay child support) so I shouldn't be penalized with regards to school. At least thats my logic. ?

Thanks everyone,


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