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Facility not allowing us patient contact


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Had a conversation with the higher ups in my program yesterday, and was assured that no one will be failed r/t this issue. I was also told that they haven't found other sites willing to take us, but will keep looking for other sites that future groups could use. As far as this semester they hope we'll be allowed to see patients this coming week, but couldn't promise anything. Thank you everyone for the support in this thread!

Just an update we were finally allowed to be on the unit yesterday, and did get to talk with a few patients. It certainly was an interesting experience!

FolksBtrippin, BSN, RN

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None of the nursing programs with which I've been connected over the years have ever paid any facility to be able to use it as a clinical site. If that happens at all, it is certainly not a common occurrence, and I don't think one can assume that the OP's school is paying the psychiatric facility.

In general, my understanding is that schools don't pay hospitals to host students. However, hospitals (and other clinical sites) receive grants for hosting nursing students from organizations; Johnson & Johnson is one such organization. If they are not actually allowing students on the units, they should not be eligible.

DolceVita, BSN, RN

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What a shame your clinical hours were truncated. We learn things in psych that transfer to all other areas. In truth I would be grateful your other lecturer was on the case. As worrisome as it seemed each BON has a specific number of clinical hours required. The school was at risk and your graduation.

Dreadful clinical site. Glad you are with patients now. Good luck!