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  1. stockmanjr

    Multiple preceptors

    As I mentioned above several preceptors refused or forgot to fill out my daily evals and one even put my binder somewhere that it wasn't supposed to be. It was just a disaster as the floor I was on was sink or swim.
  2. stockmanjr

    Multiple preceptors

    In my case the unit educator had zero involvement. Not quite sure what they actually did on my floor.
  3. stockmanjr

    New grad RN, absolutely hate nursing

    How did you end up so quickly in MDS? All the jobs I see posted require several years of experience.
  4. stockmanjr

    Is school nursing stressful?

  5. stockmanjr

    CHOP 2020?

    Right but that doesn't clarify how much hours they're actually giving you. I was told I was part-time when I was in fact full-time. PM me if you want to talk more about this.
  6. I'm looking for my next opportunity because after my eight weeks of orientation I didn't progress enough and I've been let go. I learned the most valuable thing for me as the bedside especially in mega hospital isn't for me. Going to assess what's next for me, but I do know there is a place me for in Nursing.
  7. stockmanjr

    Is school nursing stressful?

    I'm thinking about school nursing as a new grad who did two months in the hospital setting and hated my life. Would school nursing be appropriate for me to think about? In my city they accept new grads and give six weeks of training. Curious at everyone's thoughs as I think some form of public health nursing is for me just want to be sure I'm finding the correct fit.
  8. stockmanjr

    I think I'm going to be let go from Orientation :((

    Did you end up getting the position at CHOP? If so curious how it worked out.
  9. There's a huge gap in the quality of residency programs. Some are amazing and give you awesome support while other's just change your title to resident and offer little else. I would tread very carefully and really do your due diligence on them.
  10. stockmanjr

    New grad struggle

    Hi all sorry for another typical new grad post. I'm three shifts into a residency program on a busy peds floor and I'm not sure where I'm supposed to be goal wise. Over my three shifts I've had four different preceptors which includes one shift I had to switch mid shift due to the charge nurse not accounting for a patient's family not wanting a male nurse. My first day I pretty much just shadowed and my second day was a week later since my hospital schedules a shift during the classroom part of orientation which makes no sense. On my second shift I got more involved and had some good learning outcomes. My third shift was a disaster. My preceptor decided it was a good idea to send me to fiddle with my Ascom during report so I missed about half of the info on two of our patients. She also decided I should take the led on all three patients which had. For reference 2-3 patients is our normal full load. Of course this didn't go well and I felt overwhelmed. She also refused to go over what I missed during report and that made me feel even stupider when I got her questions wrong. Not sure where I should be at this point of my orientation. Planning to talk to my orientation coordinator this week as I'm confused and scared that I'm not where I should be. Since I moved for this job also very scared I'm going to get fired. As, an aside to how bizarre this program is we don't have a med surg orientation until weeks four and six of the program. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcomed!
  11. stockmanjr

    CHOP 2020?

    NYC is a challenging market at the moment. You have to keep plugging away at it and hope that someone bites. Also, start applying to hospitals within commuting distance of the city.
  12. stockmanjr

    CHOP 2020?

    They're disorganized so I wouldn't take it as a no....
  13. stockmanjr

    Poor physical assessment skills

    I'm starting at a large acute care peds hospital in a few weeks. I've been out of school for about 7 months now and when I went to practice my physical assessment skills I was rubbish at them. The problem is especially on Peds at my school we didn't get enough practice as we often had only 1 pt per week of clinical. My physical assessment class was fine but again it didn't super prepare me. I'm freaking out now as I don't want to bomb with my first patient. Am I overstressing? Will my preceptor work with me on this? I'm quite nervous as I want to be the awesome nurse that the kids deserve.
  14. stockmanjr

    CHOP 2020?

    No one has said that to me. Hospitals that do that are usually pretty clear about it.
  15. stockmanjr

    CHOP 2020?

    CHOP's IT has been a mess. I was offered a position and signed and offer letter yet somehow that was replaced by a new strange offer letter. They had to fix it, but yeah expect some IT snafus.
  16. stockmanjr

    CHOP New Grad RN Talent Pool 2019

    So I'm scheduled to start in February. Can anyone comment on how the residency program actually is? Reading some reviews on Glassdoor and they sound pretty worrisome.

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