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  1. This is somewhat true as Nursing School is very different then when your working. Also, after getting some experience you could work in public health and help work towards change. With that said if you're miserable then you need to do what's best for you and not your parents.
  2. Seems like a very harsh interpretation of the policy. While this might be a violation it's a minor one and could have been handled by having to write an extra paper or an in-service. To fail someone over this is wrong. OP is your school public or private?
  3. stockmanjr

    Nursing School Admissions

    Night and day between what schools require. I would suggest checking out every school's website.
  4. stockmanjr

    Feel like giving up

    That is completely unprofessional for your instructor to say that. You're human and can seek help to deal with these very difficult issues.
  5. stockmanjr

    Not passing nursing fundamentals

    This all of this. You need to find what works for you as we all learn differently. I like the success line of books as well as Saunders. Also, with study groups keep it small as the bigger they get the more likely you'll have interruptions that aren't helpful. Feel free to DM me if you have more questions!
  6. stockmanjr

    New Grad Trying to Make a Decision

    I don't either but this seems to be the trend. The only way around is to work LTACH Tele or Vent it seems. A few of my classmates moved on from LTACH but it was either they did it super quickly like less than 6 months so they were considered a new grad or years and years of working tele.
  7. stockmanjr

    New Grad Trying to Make a Decision

    That really varies as there are fellowships that will take nurses who are transferring to a new area of care. The problem of course is that many HR folks look down on LTC like we've discussed before. It's interesting I have a friend who has a cushy corporate office nursing job and is complaining she's bored. She's thinking about taking an LTC job as no hospital seems to want her with her direct entry MSN.
  8. stockmanjr

    Use it or...lose it? A&P and Nursing

    Same here it's Google for me lately.
  9. stockmanjr

    Would you do that? New grad dilemma

    I would be very careful about taking a position just because you think you can move up. I used to work as a clerk and one thing my manager really hated was folks who showed up for CNA or volunteer positions just as they were about to graduate. I would be prepared to stay in the LVN role for a bit of time before expecting anything.
  10. stockmanjr

    Applying for new grad jobs in NYC

    It's about having the right connections of folks who can get your resume in front of people who make hiring decisions. The problem is that some connections won't put their name out there for a new grad. I've run into this with a few people. Thankfully one of my friends was really aggressive for me and she walked into a random managers office and told her she should hire me.
  11. stockmanjr

    Applying for new grad jobs in NYC

    Applied to Stamford Hospital but their Residency program was full by the time I found out about it. They told me to reapply for the spring. I've been applying everywhere and anywhere. Thankfully I have an interview at an NYC hospital next Friday. We'll see how that goes!
  12. stockmanjr

    Something Has to Change

    The problem as many have highlighted is that you need atleast a year to move away from bedside nursing. I'm not even sure that bedside nursing is for me but I know I'm going to have to stick it out for a year before being able to move on.
  13. stockmanjr

    Giving Narcan to Your Own Patient

    I've seen NCLEX questions about giving less medication than ordered and they always said that RNs cannot do that. I've always been taught to call the HCP if I have an issue with the order.
  14. stockmanjr

    Nursing shortage is BS

    Then you're working at a very good facility as that's not the usual experience with LTC around these parts. I had a recruiter try to push an LTC job on me and she admitted to me that I would have to learn by myself as I would only get 2 weeks total of in-class and on the floor orientation as a brand new graduate. Two weeks isn't enough to be supervising LPNs or any other staff.
  15. stockmanjr

    Justifying the cost of an Ivy League Nursing Education

    A Master's denotes expertise in a particular field. If you are a newbie nurse how can you have that? Also, Columbia gives their new grads a CNL. How can you be a nurse leader when you've never been on the floor?
  16. stockmanjr

    Nursing shortage is BS

    I got one Part-Time offer which required me to relocate within two months. It was the only interview I got as well. Had to decline that because I couldn't afford to move for what I would have been making.