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This is random, & maybe I'll get a reply...

After, over 50 applications, and 3 interviews( different places), I finally got 1 job offer to a LTC facility--Extendicare. I know it's a national company...So does anyone know what the dress code is for RNs??

The reason Im asking is so I can pull a few things together before I start. I dont the info. yet because so far its been kinda mess with the company. Now, I cant "complain" because Im very lucky to have a job offer but If the economy wasnt so bad, there have been signs that have told me to run. 1- the day of the interview, they tried to sell me the job -not trying to sell myself, & was unoffically offered the job on the spot--"heres your paperwork for the drug test. 2- 2 weeks later no offical word yet & when I called, they said"oh sorry, there was a failure to commuicate, do you offically want the job? 3- I was suppose to start orientation but some1 had the flu so it was cancelled..now I have to wait untill the 30th of nov.--so thats why Im not calling to asking about this, they probualy dont even know who I am...lol

Thanx guys!!

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I've worked in at least 6 different facilities. Most, if not all nurses, wear scrubs, very little jewelry, and 'sensible' shoes.

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I was just hired 2 days ago at an Extendicare facility here in MI and we are to wear scrubs (our choice of color), all nursing facilities want neutral nail polish no artificial nails. No specific shoe color was mentioned. Hope this helps.


I wanted to know if a specific scrub color was neccessary but you answered it--color of our choice.

In PA and OH they wear any color scrubs. You need to call them and ask.

Well, most companies can only offer conditional employment until the results of a background check, drug screen and physical are received by them. It helps if the prospective employee follows up on these items them self. Usually these places have a staff developer who is responsible for orientating all new employees per state and federal guidelines and making sure all paper work is in order. If the person happens to get sick then they usually have to reschedule until the person gets back. Sometimes the person only does orientation on certain days. As far as the dress code goes that will be explained to you in orientation. The employee handbook is the best guide. Also helps to just call the nurses station and ask what they wear. What you are describing sounds typical. With these settings my saying is "same circus, different tent".

Does Extendicare offer a uniform allowance?

toydemon- that was nicely worded. I have figured it out, I really need to look out for myself & be my own advocate.

To top it off, cooprate office told me which location to go to for full time hours. Then when I was filling out paperwork at orientation, I was told "your not fulltime" --more failure to commuinicate. So no benifits right now, & they told me to "hang in there, hours will come up, we have a girl whos leaving us". I wish I could run but I need the money.

Hera- no they dont offer a uniform allowance. Although that would be nice.

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... Then when I was filling out paperwork at orientation, I was told "your not fulltime" --more failure to commuinicate...

This just happened to an acquaintance last month at an Extendicare facility... small world.

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