Expiration of nursing school experience?


Hello, I was hoping that someone could answer a question I have. I completed three semesters of nursing school but failed my fourth semester. It has been nearly two years since the failure and I've been thinking about going back. Just wondering if I would need to start all over or if I could possibly continue partly where I left off. Is there like an expiration to the nursing education I received? Thank you for your time.

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Different schools have different policies so you would have to contact your school. Most likely you will need to repeat any nursing course and any science pre req that is over 5 years old.

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You'll most likely be starting over. It's extremely difficult to find a nursing program that will accept you after leaving a prior program on bad terms. It would be even more difficult to find a program that would give you some kind of nursing program credit. Your prerequisites are likely to be useable, but that's about it.

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As the others have stated it depends on the school. If you go to a different school then more than likely you will have to start over. If you get into the same school they may let you start where you left off, but even that is doubtful. Good luck.



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One school where I attended, allowed reentry only if done within five years of leaving. During the time when they were instituting their curriculum change, if you left for any reason at the wrong time, you were out of luck. Always best to attempt reentry as soon as possible.


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Wow, thank you guys so much for the speedily replies! I did not expect that. Also, thank you very much for the insight!


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I was dismissed from my RN program back in 2012 for my 2nd failure. I had just had my son and tried to appeal it and they refused. I was so crushed. I went on with life and was told to reapply about 2 years later because the school had gone through some changes. I spoke with the campus director and he told me to come and speak with admissions. Long story short I was able to come back, start back where I left off and I graduated in 2015, became an RN in 2016 and have been working since. I think it depends on your school, but def talk to them and see what your options are!