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Hi, Does anyone work for FMC and what has been your experience with this organization? Thank you.


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I did, I worked in Winston-Salem for a year. I promised a yr due tp relocation $$. Couldn't wait to get out. A bunch of us nurses quit at the same time. Very poor nurse:pt ratios and management didn't give two shits about the employee, more so than most places. Stay away!!!


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ditto. Why do you ask? have you been offered a job by these people??

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I have been with a small FMC clinic since starting with dialysis 6 years ago. LOVE the patients, LOVE my coworkers and LOVE what I do... but the company TOTALLY sux !!! :(

As stated above, the employee is their LAST consideration, if at ALL. VERY poor pay, even worse benefits, and ALWAYS looking for ways to save a penny, even at the patients' expense. For such a HUGE corporation, it is inexcusable.

Last year they took our retirement and switched to "profit sharing".. mind you, this is to replace our current retirement... I received a full "$24.00 for the quarter !!! I can see myself in the Carribean now, can't you? :chuckle

Forget bonuses, not even a little turkey for Christmas, a $50.00 W-Mart gift certificate is the most we have ever received from them at the end of the year.

They also tried to get rid of our LPNs who have been there over 10 years, totally dedicated and dependable...and tried to "force" them to go back to school or be laid off.. OR put their licence in their pocket and work as Techs only. The company finally backed down after a massive revolt nationwide, and the input of the docs, who were disgusted by this suggestion.

If you can ignore the corporate BS and enjoy your patients and the work itself, it's ok... that's the ONLY satisfaction we get.

Would not be surprised to see this company go bankrupt in the near future.


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I am too with FMC and the employee/pt are their last concern!! Making $$ is their top priority! I don't even get a qtrly profit sharing check, haven't worked for them that long, only about 2 yrs. I know someone who just retired and they said their check was somewhere around $90+, for 40 yrs of service. They do suck!!


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Thanks for the imput everyone! There is a small clinic in my area hiring and I just wanted to check out what I could. Starting pay is $17/hr with 5 wks vacation for 30hrs work/week. That's about all I know. Thanks again!

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I work for FMC, too.

I havn't been there long enough to get screwed by them yet, except that they did neglect to pay me last pay period. We're supposed to get paid q 2 wks, but I havn't been paid for 20 days.

They say there was a mix-up, and that they will deposit my check on Mon.

My boss is really great, but the staff : pt ratios are poor.


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In a chronic dialysis unit staff:pt. ratios should be about 1:3,that is 1 staff to 3 pt-but staff includes DON,unit secretary,RN,LPN,tech,machine tech,maintenance man,re-use tech,etc. Working as an RN,you hasve to have good communication with your techs as the more experienced ones will run the unit and,while they have experience,the person with the license is the one who is responsible.

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Originally posted by patadney

In a chronic dialysis unit staff:pt. ratios should be about 1:3,that is 1 staff to 3.

hmmmmm...those days are long gone at our facility. It's now 1:4.

All good things DO come to an end ! :rolleyes:


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They suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They've taken away my direct deposit after FOUR years because it's considered a "benefit" and I'm PRN. I faithfully give them two days per week. You cannot imagine what a slap in the face this is. I'm going on an interview with a smaller NICER company today!


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Will never work for FMC again... worked for them 2 yrs and it only got worse. Last I heard, they had set up the Chief Tech to get him fired and the other two machine techs quit. They're still flying people in to cover the maintenance and repairs because they can't get anyone to work there. Lol. Leaving there was the best decision I've ever made. Plus... it was a 50% pay increase coming to Gambro. :D

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