Excelsior Medic to RN anyone have problems getting hired?

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I'm starting the hunt for my first nursing job and it seems like there are few new grad positions and they are very competitive. They all want 2-3 letters of recommendation from your nursing instructors (which I obviously can't produce) and I'm worried that hospitals are turned off by the fact that I don't have the in hospital experience of "traditional" nursing school clinicals. Did any of the other medic to RNs have issues with this? How did you handle it?



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I'm going to wait for LunahRN to chime in, she is a product of EC Medic to RN. She'll be around soon, I'm almost positive she can assist you. Good luck to you.

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I was hired to work in the same ER where I was a tech since 2005, so my situation is a little bit different. LeeLeeU, you can request a letter of recommendation from EC -- they talk about how it's an innovative program that requires smart and motivated students, that kind of thing. But overall, most of the medics I know who did EC's program haven't had too much trouble, especially getting hired in critical care areas. Good luck!!

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I know a flight medic that went through ec then straight to ICU..it can be done....don't give up



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In Grand Rapids, MI I have been told all the hospitals do not hire Excelsior grads as a rule of thumb. Since there's 3 or 4 local BSN programs along with the CC program (which I could not get into any of them in a timely manner), they feel the need to hire local grads. They often post in their job postings "Must have completed an RN program with 2000 program clinical hours."

Silly me for not checking.....I assumed an RN is an RN.