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EC grads, Post your year of graduation and your specialty/specialties. I'll go first: I've been a Level II/III Neonatal ICU nurse since graduation in January '06. Update 5/2018: I've... Read More

  1. by   jbudrick

    I graduated from a community college with an ADN in 2001. I graduated from Excelsior College with a BSN in 2007.

    I work as a home care nurse full-time in Connecticut.
  2. by   BBFRN
    Quote from Melinurse
    BBFRN, how did you get into your MSN program? I just graduated EC and was an LPN for 5 years prior. However, as I look at the program requirements I see alot of " must have had labs ". How did you get around that? And how was the GRE? I still have to do the BSN thing and am working thru the choice of going traditional vs. online? Any advise on getting started? Ultimately I want to be an FNP.
    I'm doing the BSN-PhD program.
    I did all my science courses w/labs in trad schools, because I knew I was going to continue with my ed, and didn't want that to be a problem. I did CLEP Biology & Chem, though.

    I hated the GRE, because I was really rusty on the Math. But DH is an engineering student, and helped me out there a lot. The stats part, I was fine with, but had forgotten most of the Geometry, etc.

    I did the BSN in a blended program. Some courses were on Blackboard, but most were in the classroom. I went 1 day a week, full time, in a well respected private school. I originally had plans to continue there with the MSNed program, but then I saw the BSN-PhD option at my local university, and thought that would fit my plan a bit better. I did the LPN-ASN-BSN thing already, so I was glad to be able to shave off a year toward the PhD. We do the MSN core courses, but don't do the year 2 concentration courses.

    There are some very good online BSN programs out there, so I wouldn't rule them out as options. I know plenty of people who have gone on to get their Masters after finishing an online BSN, so that shouldn't pose a problem for you. I just wanted to be in a classroom with other students. It helps me in the creative process to engage in class discussions, so I think it works better for me.
  3. by   tammy07
    did you graduate from excelsier program, I am lpn and want to finish my rn how does this program work, thanks
  4. by   toby4
    Everyone, I dont have much experience with EC but came from a traditional program, am a Nurse Tech (3 yrs.), previous CNA (8 years) worked very closely with RN's. I feel schooling is the basis for learning but getting out on the floor is a different world, I will say in the last month since I started EC I learned alot more than the years I spent behind a desk at a traditional program through EC's materials. I guess Im a straight forward, no nonsense person. Im enjoying the learning through EC and hope to be a good nurse someday. I feel even in the working world "You get out what you put in." And to be frank, isnt it foolish to put down on a nurse who has potential but hasnt been shown the right thing, we all might have to stand next to him/her one day as a team member in an emergency. I feel we all must try to stick together. What I know you might not because lack of experience in the area. Nursing working together.
  5. by   tammy07
    so you have been doing excelsior for a month now and you are very happy with it that is what i believe you are saying, and yes I agree we all should work together we are all here for the same goal
  6. by   toby4
    Yes, Ive learned somethings through EC that were never mentioned in school and the help Ive been getting wasnt there before, I was pushed aside but eager to learn....
  7. by   night flight
    Quote from CPNEgrad07
    graduated in june, started my first job in oct in med-surg. it has been a ***** but getting better. would not recommend this school for those of us with NO hospital experience (Paramedic). I'm very lucky that this hospital is desperate enuf to train me.

    EC ASN Sep 06

    Paramedic prior and still working as one. EC is hard, and hosppital expereince is usefull, but not required....

    Currently working on Canadian registration in home provence. Been through the Substantial Equivelency Assessment, with only a couple small courses to do..... Eventually.
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    I graduated with a two year associated degree in 1989 and passed my RN state board exam. I worked Med-Surg for 5 years. Then I got into diabetes education, passed my CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) exam, while I worked in home health. I could see the type of job I wanted I needed to get a 4 yr degree. I graduated from Excelsior in 1999 with a BSN and immediately got my dream job. I am the Coordinator of a Diabetes Center in a medium sized hospital. I have been doing this job ever since and love it. Excelsior opened doors to me. I loved working at my own pace. I loved not having to sit through classes that I already knew half the material. All I had to do is study the half I don't know and take tests. It was great.
    I would like to be able to prescribe insulin. I am looking for a good on line program to become a nurse practitioner. Anyone have any suggestions?
  10. by   Hotlando
    Graduated from EC Aug 05 in Georgia. Took some time off because my husband passed away. Just now starting back with my Rn career here in Florida.
    I want a position in either OR or L&D.

  11. by   BBFRN
    Quote from 747476
    I am looking for a good on line program to become a nurse practitioner. Anyone have any suggestions?
    You might want to start a new thread with this question in the Grad Student Nurse Forum here: https://allnurses.com/forums/f223/
    You'll probably find the answers you need there.

    Good luck to you.
  12. by   Starfish08
    No you're not crazy! You will be expounding on the information you just learned. The only downside is you haven't been able to put your education into practice yet!
    I've been an LPN for 14 yrs and wish I'd gone on sooner. Good luck to you!
  13. by   Starfish08
    Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and energy!

    You're an inspiration. Thank you