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I went to a seminar yesterday from the College Network company?? There were 5 of us LPN's there and 3 ended up signing up...Has anyone purchases these study guides? And are they really helpful? I'm definitely interested in getting my RN through Excelsior, but was wondering if the College Network was a helpful step in that direction?

I'd appreciate any input......


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I never purchased the guide, but it was passed on to me. For the Nursing Research course. It was fantastic! I aced the course for the Excelsior BSN just by using this guide. I also used Chancellors, which were not as comprehnsive or thorough by comparison, but for other course. The actual Nursing course guides for Chancellors were horrible, basically an outline with fill-in-the-blank format, all of which you fill in! I used NCLEX study books to study for the nursing exams.

Everyone I know who used The College Network was pleased.

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Most people who've talked about it only say that most of the study guides are a waste of money. The school has study guides for free.


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I recieved a letter from excelsior college dated Jan 24, 2003 that says there is a "proposed rule currently before the Ca Board of Registered Nursing. It is our understanding that the Board is considering removing Excelsior College as a recognized school of Nursing and that if it takes this action anyone who enrolls in the Excelsior College School of Nursing after Sept. 1, 2003 will be ineligible to be licensed as a registered nurse in that state. "

So it looks like California nurses are affected by this only for now. But is it a trend? I currently have College Network's study guides and am considering enrolling in Excelsior soon (for BSN). Do you think distance learning has lost it's credibility?


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Wow, I had not heard that....SCARY !!!! I'm really counting on getting my RN through Excelsior...My husband is deployed "over there" for 6 months, and I'm working full-time and doing the single parent thing....and I'm counting on doing it at my own pace......

Anyone else heard this? Or have any additional info to offer? I thought the study guides looked good from the college network.

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Don't panic yet. They delayed any action till later this year and it won't affect anyone currently enrolled or enrolled before the effective date. And as far as I know CA is the only state addressing this issue right now.


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I am currently enrolled in their BSN Program (Excelsior). I received my ADN through them. Will this mean that anyone with a BSN or MSN through them will not be recognized as such if CA discredits them?

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I believe that anyone who is currently licensed in CA would not be affected by any changes made by the CA Board of Nursing.

New people in the program could be affected and should call the Board of Nursing in CA to get a definite answer.

If you're near the state border, you can work in another state with your present credentials.

Good Luck !!

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Check out the Independent Learning Topic on this bb, it's located in the student nurse forum. You might get some good info. there. There are several posters there that have experience with Excelsior and the publishing companies that you are talking about.

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Excelsior has excellent and comprehensive guides for the clinical courses, but only outlines for the other ACT-PEP and CLEP exams. Those are the ones you will want study guides for from other companies.

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As far as distance learning, I'm currently enrolled in University of Phoenix's online ADN to BSN to MSN and love it. Its very fast-paced, but worth it in the end.


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Trauma, I was half-way through UOP and had extreme difficulty with them. I posted the whole story on the other distance learning bb. UOP is not an option for me anymore, sorry to say.

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