Exam in one week! Advice needed please :)

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Hello everyone!

I have my exam in one week from today. It's hard to believe that the date is creeping up so quickly. I have been doing about 100-200Q/day.. and I do pretty well on them. However, I have no done many questions in mental health and postpartum etc. For those of you who have took the NCLEX already, did you have many questions in these areas? I would hate to pass it up if it is super important.. I would like to take this last week and review over my Lacharity book once more, and isolation precautions, lab values, and meds... should I try to squeeze in maternity and mental too? Thanks for the advice!

No one can predict what kind of questions you will get. If you feel weak in some areas, then concentrate on those areas in the time you have left.

Your right, thanks!

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I would say my exam was actually about fifty percent mental health and OB...not to freak you out but I would definitely look at those subjects

Thanks Roma! :) You didn't freak me out..that is what I needed to hear! Was yours the pn or rn boards?

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RN...is that what you're taking?

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Bring a barf bag for afterwards... still anxiously awaiting my results.

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I would definatley go over your weak areas...for me it was endocrine and I just knew i would have alot of questions on that subject and sure enough i did...I also did the whole Lacharity book, I know that helped me pass.

Good Luck!!!

another thing I did was, when I did questions, (and i did alot of them a day), if I came upon something that I didnt know that well I would stop and look it up in my hurst or hesi book, so that way I would have a better understanding of it. it did take some time but it also helped me...

I am actually taking my LPN Boards, but it would still be very likely for me to get many questions on those topics. I plan on reviewing peds tomorrow, and reviewing mental health on Tues. I also did the Lacharity book about 3 weeks ago even though it is for RN boards. I still found it helpful though! I plan on reviewing that a couple days before my boards to refresh my memory! I have been doing questions for such a long time...I sure hope it pays off! I do my lab flashcards everynight and also read a few pages from the random fact throwing page. I can't wait for all of this to be over with! LOL

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