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Exam ended after 265 questions, 7th time I have taken this test

by Angela93 Angela93 (New) New

I took my NCLEX-RN yesterday for the 7th time. I answered all 265 questions and felt terrible after the exam. I still feel terrible. I graduated from nursing school 16 years ago and have never been able to conquer this test. I eventually had given up on it because I landed a really good job that paid very well and loved what I was doing. Unfortunately, I lost that job this year, due to the economy, and decided I put too much time and money into my schooling to just give up. So, after 9 years since I last took the NCLEX, I decided to try again. I studied for hours on end each day for the last 2 months. I did well on all practice/simulated tests and felt more confident than before and thought just maybe I could do it this time. I did the pearson "trick" and it lets me go to the payment page. That really makes me sick. Any advice or suggestions from anyone? I am bound and determined to pass this exam sooner or later. I just worry that since I have taken it so many times already, the board will eventually step in and say enough is enough and not let me test anymore. I don't know how many times a candidate can take it and if there is a cut-off point. I am pretty sure I have failed it....again.....should know for sure tomorrow. :cry:

Hoping you get a pass this time. But if you didn't, then give yourself some more time and don't beat yourself up over it. You have to take into consideration the passage of time and that you were doing everything from scratch. Have you considered a live or online review? If you can afford one, a review course might help. Otherwise, keep plugging away at answering questions and studying rationales. Eventually, you will pass. I think I recall reading about a person who passed on their ninth try. Good luck.

I pray all goes well for you. And stay strong, I felt the same way yesterday after my second attempt> just keep encourageing yourself as you have. What is meant to be shall be. And I must say you are a very stong person to keep moving on the way you do. I hope and pray for the best for us 2morrow.


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A. Spend 1/3 of your time reviewing content you don't understand

B. Spend 2/3 of your time answering test question

C. Used most comfortable NCLEX review book for content.

D. Begin with the area that is most difficult for you or area that are least familiar

E. Use a good nursing reference manual or internet to find information

F. Define the disease in terms of pathophysiological process and understand the disease process.

G. Identify the early and late symptoms of disease

H. Identify most important or life-threatening complication associated with the disease.

I. Define the medical treatment.

J. Identify nursing intervention associate with early and late symptom of disease process

K. Identify what to teach patient and family to prevent in other to adapt to disease process.

L. list the area you need to review.

M. Answering question in a test mode will improve your test taking skills

N. Each time you answer question, check the number of question you answered correctly that will motivate you to read and study more next time.

O. Keep track of your score to see how you're improving in all area of your content.

P. If you answer less than 65% correctly, these is a WARNING SIGNAL!! Spend lots of time reviewing content and stop doing question on the weakest area

Q. If you answer 65-75% correctly your performance is improving and success is certain. Continue working with the content until your score is above 75%

R. Every wrong answer, identify why you answered it wrongly.

S. Practice 75- 85 question to known how you'll be prepared for NCLEX Exam and see how many you answered correctly

T. Do understand the question first, formulate your answer of hand and compare with the option given to see how close your answer!!

U. Anticipate Test question will increase in difficulty when you get the first question right!!

V. Do not panic if someone finishes before you!!

W. Do not CRAM CRAM!!

X. Remember that you have learned a great amount of nursing knowledge and the exam is only designed to determine whether you're able to practice safely @ entry level

Y. Keep a positive attitude and Pray!!

Z. Wish you best of LUCK!!

Thank you so much to all of you for the kind words and advice. I did fail again but have registered for a 3 day review course next month. I should be eligible to test again the day after my review classes are finished. Until then, I will be hitting the books and doing practice tests. I will NOT let this test beat me. I am more determined than ever to pass!!!

Thank you again!!!!

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you can do it and don't give up. you are such an inspiration to all of us. my moms friend took her boards 15 years later as well and passed so you can do it as well. good luck and you will pass it next time.


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Angela, I know you can do it. Besides doing reviews and questions, ceack open your med/surg book....or but a used newer ed. Read the diseases, drugs used, ect. Slowly until you really have a good feeling about it. Its impossible to remember everything, but I believe a good med/surg review can help a lot. I'll be praying for you!


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sorry about the typos, lol. I'm half asleep typing this on my phone!

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