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Well here we go. Fourth week into classes - 5th test in A & P and everyone but one girl failed the test.. I was not that one girl..haha Funny thing is that last week even the teacher was amazed that everyone was doing so well in the class and no one was failing. So today we get a different format of test with aprox 30 extra questions. And practically the whole class failed. I mean really??? The teacher doesnt really teach, she reads out of the book.. I can read the book myself. Is it normal for a teacher to just read out of the book and not give examples??? I seriously think if the teacher had of taken the test she would have failed... ok I'm done venting now..... Better study for the next test...... haha

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I have been there, done that.

I mean, why show up for class than eh? You can just save your 2 and 1/2 hours and read your book at home in half the time lol

Yep, my first 2 semesters were with a teacher that read from the book. I don't get how they can call themselves teachers when they do that.

One F is going to hurt too bad as long as you pull it up with the others.

LOL she doesnt know how to pronounce like half the words so she just skips over them.. haha its almost amazing.....

Does she give handouts? If she is reading from the book, then mabye the stuff she covers in class is what is supposed to be on the exam>? Did you find that to be true? Why do you think everyone did so poorly?

the chapter was over the endocrine system and horomones. And yeah she handed out 15 index cards apiece to us and told us to put the hormones and what gland produced them and what organ used them. that would be the extent of the handouts.... No sense in complaining about it really, we found out today how she has job security.... Everyone did better on the test we had today. Most everyone I think is passing A & P and I think that shocked her. But like most of our class has some kind of medical background. Like there is 5 cna's and 2 pharm tech's and some that work in the clerical field in a medical setting... And a few of them had already taken some prereg for RN classes and couldnt get accepted into the program so are instead going thru LPN first. and our class is really small like 20 or 22.. but I'm thinking it's gonna get smaller... Just hope I'm not one of the ones that's not there in 11 more months......

I had the same problem throughout my whole nursing school 15mths.... We would sit there while every teacher we had read directly from there books..... It amazed me how we had one teacher that would sub all the time had not worked as a nurse since 1994 and could not even pronounce words or meds and sometimes didnt know what they were......

Just pray god will get you through it...

Good Luck

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Sorry to hear that! Teachers can really make or break a class for you...

I feel so lucky to have an AMAZING a&p teacher. Her tests come completely off of her powerpoints, she stops every 20 min to see if anyone is confused or if they have any questions, gives real life examples for everything, etc... and she skips over some of the stuff in our book, because in her words "it's useless and you don't need to know this stuff as a nurse." Love her. :)

Does your teacher use powerpoints at all? Or just reads strictly from the book?

All I can say just like anyone else who has been through nursing school is it happens and the first time it happened with our whole failing a class we got a do-over we were in Med Surg II and we had a H E double hockey sticks...the DON told her she had to give us another test. It was the first time some of us had every failed a test, she ended up being a great instructor though, we never had another problem and the tests didn't get any easier she just changed the format and the some of the wording.

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I have had 3 nursing teachers in my LPN program and although they ALL read out of the book and do not summarize anything it is up to the student to actually go home and make sense of everything. You are not in high school anymore. Examples help but every teacher is different. Maybe she has just been going easy in the beginning because usually not every person in the class passes A&P!!

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Don't feel bad or alone. We all get school challenges like a teacher who doesn't teach and if you ask questions she tells you she doesn't know and move on to the next slide or argue with you about what is clearly stated in the book. AHH!!*Breathe...Calming....*

However, in any program whether the teacher is informative or not, it's based on how much you teach yourself. I'm now in Med/Surg, finished A&P, Fundamentals, Nutrition (BARELY) and Pharmacology with an overall between 85% - 95% average. Reason: I TEACH MYSELF ... and I read chapters before we even go over it ... :-( I know it sucks but it will always suck so ... just ...SUCK it up.. *lol*

In school, I basically go to class and underlined anything the teacher talk about or take notes from the powerpoints the teacher barely read us and used those as secondary references. But I teach myself as my primary. It seems to be working for NOW. Although, I am not sure about your situation outside of school, but if you rely upon the teacher to give you the answers or make it easy for exams and etc, you and your classmates will be like a bunch of pickles in a jar ... crammed, stuck and in over your heads.

My best advice is clear your mind, close the door to the failed test and open up a new outlook on how to teach yourself. Because only YOU can prevent forest fires and Take that NCLEX. :clown:

Good Luck and Stay Fresh!

the class has come to realize that it is a self taught class. Its basically not the thought of learning on our own it has alot to do with if we ask her any questions she looks at us like we are stupid..... then she doesnt answer the question. But she doesnt have a problem with us using our phones to google an answer... BUT cell phones are not permitted in the class... I have heard that the nutrition part was worse than a & p.... she even told us that today..... and thankfully i dont have small children so i spend approx 6 to 7 hrs a night going thru the book and thank god for google and youtube.... She did tell us today that some of us was over studying.... which i beleive to be true.... my brain feels like alveoli in the lungs... mushy at this point..

LOL she told us today that she could almost pick out the ones that would make it all the way thru the class... we all replyed "no one is gonna get passed A & P.... I have an 85 average in that course so far 2 test and a final left.... lets hope i can do it... Thanks for all the encouragement... It helps tremendously.....

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