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Excited to have found my calling in life and actually have the ability to complete something with as many obstacles in life that get thrown my way!

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  1. IV's/Blood draws on Small Veins

    Sounds to me, her vascular system started shutting down out of anxiety. Not the first time to hear or see that. If you notice someone is dehydrated or nervous or anxious, talk to the patient and have them relax. Works every time. I do blood draws for...
  2. Infusion RN for new grad with lots of IV experience prior to RN school

    I didn't realize that there was an IVIG section here, since I live and breathe it. I started out in IVIG as an LPN in an office infusion suite setting, now I'm an IV instructor and a RN with credentials! Main things to worry are the following: Prop...
  3. The Academy of Nursing (APNO) or Keiser University? HELP!!!!

    Hey there. I received my LPN from the Academy last year. It's a fast paced program and you gotta hang in there. I am in the LPN to RN bridge program at the Academy and it's tough but there's a lot of resources. Not sure about Keiser. Good luck!
  4. Did the gen Ed classes. Not bad. Started the core class already, very fast paced and you have to know your P's and Q's. Good luck!
  5. College Algebra ughh

    If you don't understand the class, textbook or teacher, google, bing or YouTube it. In today's techno world, resources are just a click or tap away. Good Luck and Happy Nursing!
  6. What to do when your patient adores you?

    Being nice is one thing, but exchanging numbers is borderline personal. Something to which as a student you shouldn't do. Although, your previous experience was innocent, not all stories end up that great. I knew a nurse in NC, that was very nice and...
  7. Searching for an accelerated Lpn to Rn program anywhere in the Us

    I am currently in sunny West Palm Beach, Florida. I've moved all over the place for nursing. California was overcrowded and wait lists out the wazoo, I did score my CNA though. Thought about the online route, but California doesn't accept online nurs...
  8. No social life...can anyone else relate?

    Social life? What's that? LOL Social life for me is waving at a fellow nursing student and asking they are leaving so I can take their parking spot. LOL
  9. LVN first and THEN RN?

    Theres a few reasons to be a LPN.I decided for me, to take each step at a time in case possible problems occurred. You never know what will happen to you out there and how you will survive. Plus, I want to be that nurse that knows exactly what it's l...
  10. how long did you wait to go from LPN to RN?

    Well. I wanted to shoot straight out of LPN school to The RN program, but the pre-requisites were that one needed to be working as a LPN and provide a letter. Took me 6 months to find a job and 2 months to start. I graduate next year in August. I was...
  11. What Did You Do For LPN - RN Bridge School?

    Realization didn't hit until about an hour ago at 2am, that I'm officially back in Nursing school. I am currently attending a bridge program at Academy for Nursing in West Palm Beach, FL. It has been my experience with this school previously, that th...
  12. shoes for clinicals?

    Well, prior to becoming a LPN and able to afford anything, I went to Walmart and purchased these tred-safe nursing shoes for 15.00. They were so comfortable and I could dance in Crisco and wouldn't slip and fall and easy to clean. Once I became a LPN...
  13. Where are you working while in school?

    Well, right now, I am working Fri, Sat, and Sun 3-11pm shift as a LPN in a facility thats like a box of chocolates, never know what you're going to get. Since I am going to school Mon - was tough adjusting to the massive paycheck change, but...
  14. End of shift blessings

    Patient, 72 y/o female, alert and almost and I thought was oriented (har har), wound dressing from left antecubital to palm area due to laceration of unknown, in tact, no drainage or blood to note at this time. (Stay with me now)Go in, take report, i...
  15. What is the point of becoming a nurse?!

    Ok, I will be honest. When you are a new grad nurse, it will be difficult to find employment in large populated cities. For example, I live in West Palm Beach, fl. Sunny, beautiful and it would appear as though everybody and their mother is a nurse. ...