Ever called DPH on your facility?


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We have to protect ourselves on this website because who knows who's reading!? BUT- I'm wondering if any of you have called DPH or the state Board on your facility, whatever the reason may be. What was the outcome?

A few of the nurses at my facility are appauled at some of the things our facility did to temorarily "clean up" for a recent DPH visit and we're all a little frazzled and thinking of dropping a dime on DPH sometime this week. Our higher-ups have been making conditions more and more unsafe for us and a lot of our per-diem staff is starting to quit. Us full-timers can't really afford to up and quit at this point, though most of us are looking for other work. I wish I could give details but I fear someone I know could see this. In short, it has to do with the bed number being significantly over the limit.

Any advice? Have you reported your facility before and how anyonymous were you able to remain?? Thanks so much!

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Going to a Watch Dog or an Outside Entity in order to deal with Problems is a Viable Solution.

However, I have found, in my experience, that utilizing Outside Entities in remedying Internal Matters is not always necessary. I have not needed to notify any Watch Dog or Outside Entity of an Area of Concern.

My M.O. is to follow the Chain of Command in alerting The Forces That Be of any Area of Concern. I do this through Objective, Formal Documentation. If the First Link in the Chain does not rectify the situation to my approval, I Formally Notify the Next Link in the Chain of Command. I document the Area of Concern and My Actions along with a Progress and Status Report to that Next Link in the Chain of Command. I've not ever had to go beyond the Second Link in the Chain of Command in Rectifying any situation.

Objective Documentation of an Area of Concern makes a Concern tangible and more difficult to ignore than a Verbal Complaint. Sending the Objective Documentation to Responsible Personnel gives them a chance to rectify the Area of Concern. This Written Process decreases the chance of miscommunication and also makes the Responsible Person more accountable.

This method has worked well for me. I encourage you to give this method consideration before going to an Outside Entity, RxOnly.

The best to you in Your Quest to assure good Patient Care.


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What is up with the random capitalization?

My .02 is that sometimes it is important to bring in outside entities. I have never been in this situation though, so I really don't know what I am talking about. Interested to hear the other responses!


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I did once years ago; I was asked to come to the DOH for an interview. I don't want to get into any specifics, but I will say that the facility was closed after an unannounced investigation about a year later.


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Nurses at my facility did so but they made the mistake of faxing the DOH information RIGHT from the hospital using the fax machine on the unit so the DON knew EXACTLY who had done the whistleblowing! That dept ended up being shut down by the DOH for a month based on what was faxed to them. In order to reopen, the hospital had to hire expensive traveler RN's in order to provide sufficient staffing for the Dept in compliance with the DOH's expectations!

The nurses who did the whistleblowing weren't fired per se, but weren't put on the schedule any longer when the dept reopened. One got unemployment and the other RN was per diem so she was never scheduled from then on out.

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People to it all the time in LTCs. I haven't personally, but they do ask you some questions and you need to give them some proof/ facts before they will come and investigate. I know family members who have done it. Some remain anon and some will give names.

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I don't really have much to add without the details. Feel free to PM if you'd like. (I will be glad to tell you in a PM where I work/city/state so you won't worry that I am your supervisor).