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I enrolled in manicure school!!! I am joining Lois Jean in the foot care arena. No we are not partners, but LJ is coaching me thru. I have never done foot care, so I figured a pedicure is pretty... Read More

  1. by   KC CHICK
    I looked up Morton's neuroma because I was curious myself....have never heard of the affliction until now. According to this article, I don't see a "bump" as being a symptom anyway. Morton's major symptom is pain, not a bump in between toes.

    Am I confused?
  2. by   Disablednurse
    Hoolahan, I know I'm new here, but I would love a pedicure. Please, they feel so wonderful and are so relaxing.
  3. by   LoisJean
    Anne: Sorry for the confusion...sometimes I'm thinking faster than my fingers are typing The bump between the woman's toes was due to improper foot wear which percipitated the neuroma. Correctly so, a Morton's neuroma is not characterized by a lump but by pain elicited at certain pressure points at interdigital spaces. And, yes, the lady SHOULD have taken her Mom to the doc...but see, offen times they don't do that. Shouldas, couldas and outtas are directives often not adhered to by people in general.

    I want to assure you that I am not at all disrespectful of the work done by pedicurists and the fact that I am not savvy about their level of education is because I hadn't researched it..but, I'm sure you will forgive me my ignorance.

    My point is, and will continue to be that when people who are AT RISK receive foot care by a nurse (who has had additional education in diseases/disorders of the feet and has a strong knowledge base of systemic conditions which affect the feet ALONG WITH proper nail care techniques), there tends to be a decrease in the incidence of wound development requiring expensive and lengthy wound management and/or amputative procedures. This the ONLY reason that I have maintained the highest quality of foot care nursing service that is possible and provide it to those who need it the most.

    I make certain that all of my new referrals understand that I'm not a pedicurist nor a podiatrist. I'm a nurse providing a nursing service. Unfortunately, nursing schools do not recognize foot care as a nursing procedure. If they did, I wouldn't feel so much like the Lone Ranger out here.

    You have been a great source of information for me, KC...Thanks!

    Lois Jean
  4. by   passing thru
    About the $1000 per week for pedicurists/manicurists. I agree with what KC Chick said.
    The nail tech who does my acrylics does only nails. She works 10 A.M. til 7 P.M. 5 days a week. Stays 11 hrs. on Thursdays. And 1/2 day on of 60 hours a week. = 60 clients a week. Acrylic nails only, actually 99 % French tips. 60 clients at minimum $40 fee plus tip. Tips are minimum $5 and majority pay $10...and more.
    This tech has appointments 3 months in advance....holidays are booked a year in advance...I have seen her appt book, sometimes I read it while she is working on me.
    I have been her client for 13 years.
    True, she has a large client list, mostly well to do ladies, not "working nurses".
    She has a waiting list of people who want to get on her list.
    She supports a spouse and 3 kids and lives in a $300,000 house.
    Her business is in the "uptown" area of a very large city.
    So, for the right person , in the right place and very very hard working, the $$ is there....No where but America, can an immigre achieve like this.
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    This sounds wonderful. I am not a foot person at all, hate to say. I love getting a pedicure and getting my summer feet on, but do it to someone else? ick!!

    I can play with baby toes, even little kids toes but after they start looking like full adult feet, ewww!

    I admire anyone working with the elderly, diabetics, and those with PVD - this is a much needed service.

    Way to go, Hoolahan!!
  6. by   nightingale

    You mentioned a book somewhere in one of your posts on manacuring. What was it called? YOU said it helped a lot with disinfecting info.
  7. by   hoolahan a pdf file, or the below one should be the html version, if link doesn't work again on the below one, don't bother to pm, I am too lazy to re-edit.


    Here is a link I found last night, if it is the right one, it was the regs for a states salon regulations, very helpful, and the book is called Milady's Standard Nail Technology 4th edition.

    We are learning anatomy and disorders of nails etc... Next week we have an exam on the anatomy of the leg from the knee down, every bone, nerve and muscle, well not every, the major ones. I know it is available on

    I got my first pedicure of my life today....aaaaaahhhhhhh!!

    My first set of nail tips, yuk! I did a lousy job. THank goodness it was on another student. She actually salvaged them by filing them to near-death, and tonight one of the other nail techs did a pretty french manicure on her w teensy gems in the center, looked awesome.

    Me? No tips yet. I am trying to recover from that bad set I had.But I have had a lovely manicure every night of school, and I chose a funky grape polish tonight and matching purple metalic for my toes.

    I am having a blast in class. I am meeting some really interesting people, and I can't wait until "personal" night. The salon is closed to biz, we do each other, so I can get a nice haircut and highlights, which I need desperately!
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  8. by   nightingale
    Thanks Hoolahan! I could not get the first one to download but will try later today.
  9. by   shelleybelle
    wow.. this is awesome! You could even go to L & D and do pedis for the patients in labor or just after birth! LOL

    People think I'm crazy, but i love wounds, too! They fascinate me! I mean I could do without the smell, but to actually SEE progress.... man oh man... ain't nuthin better than to see the fruits of your labor!

    Good Luck!!!!