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I'd love to hear any further updates about this program. I'm considering applying, but I'm not sure where I'll be living come the time the program would start (if I'm accepted). I've completed online learning before so have no issue with that, but I'm a little concerned with most recent negative feedback and would love to hear other experiences to see if thats the norm. thanks!


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babynurse2018 said:

BE WARNED: you will be stuck in med surg for your clinical hours.

This is where you will learn the most; learn organizational skills, interpret labs, call MD providing your suggestions for adjusting the current patient's lab, with (not having a resident next to you). Providing teachable moments, improving nutrition (look on the menu, help them make choices), assess their mobility on the floor and going home! Do something! that makes their life better on a day to day basis!! 


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Does anyone attend Emory's DABSN program in Charlotte, North Carolina? 

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