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One big hospital here has been packed many times this is the one I waited 23 hours in the er for a room once . I was told at that time they had a 20 hour wait that day ! I was sick last week and went... Read More

  1. by   uRNmyway
    I'm from Quebec, Canada, so waiting more than 12 hours is really common. I've seen more 24 hour waits than I can count. And I am talking about 24 hours in the waiting room, not 24 hours in a bed waiting to get a room.
    Back when I was in nursing school I went in for UTI gone bad. Turned out to be bilateral pyelonephritis with peritonitis. According to the docs, when they finally decided to see me, I was hours away from kidney failure and dialysis. Wait time? Almost 4 hours before I was even seen. The fact that I had no temp at all made the triage nurse think that I was just exaggerating.

    But yeah, waiting room, I've seen 24-36 hours. Been seen, but waiting for a bed in a room? Days. That's what happens when you don't have any consequences for going to the ER for stupid reasons. Makes the wait longer for everyone.
  2. by   SionainnRN
    Just last night 35 hours. All the ICU's were full in our hospital plus the other three hospitals in the nearby areas. Luckily they had given the pt a real bed rather than a gurney.
  3. by   brithoover
    72 hours waiting for a bed. When I left after my shift she was still waiting..
  4. by   kc87t
    Years ago....
  5. by   RnfromUK
    I have never waited more than 15 minutes to be seen.... but I have breathing issues and when I go to ER it's appropriate. When I worked in ER in England though, we were the only level 1 trauma hospital for miles. One shift, we had ambulances parked outside and in the street because the hospital was full.... no beds, and our ER was over flowing from a 12 car MVA on the freeway. Many people were waiting over a day for beds on the hosp floor, even with the discharge nurses working overtime and transferring pt's out to let the MVA ones in!
  6. by   NickiLaughs
    20 hours for leg pain. Diagnosed with plantar fasciitis...
  7. by   SweetMelissaRN
    The longest wait I ever had was a psych patient we were trying to get transferred for 63 hours!!!!!! We ended up admitting them to one of our med/surg beds bc no one would accept them!!! Felt terrible for them and their family :/:/
  8. by   dt70
    6 hours for broken wrist.
    3 visits chest pain never more than 1 minute with
    Packed ER.
    Next time I break my wrist, chest pain will be added.
  9. by   Orca
    The last time I was last a patient myself, I waited three hours to be seen in ER and another nine hours in an ER bed (not the most comfortable place to rest) before I made it to the floor. And this was not the busiest hospital on the planet.
  10. by   sserrn
    The trolls on this forum are just as unbearable as our ER pts. Deleting AN off my iPhone. Take it away!
  11. by   Sassy5d
    Quote from sserrn
    The trolls on this forum are just as unbearable as our ER pts. Deleting AN off my iPhone. Take it away!
    Ha ha ha
  12. by   cHaNkStA
    Here's a documentary about the waiting room. I use to precept here and well the waits were up to 2+ days. People would come in at 5-6AM and bring a blanket and anticipate the wait.

    The Waiting Room | A Film & Social Media Project About Health Care