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kc87t has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in ER / ICU.

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  1. new to neuro

    I'll be starting in the Neuro ICU in a few weeks. I only have experience in the ER and MICU/SICU -- don't have much experience in neuro. But I love to read and research. I was wondering if anyone had any good recommendations on some literature I coul...
  2. Should I stay or should I go?

    You can either gtfo - because no job is worth your happiness. Or, get a voice and learn to use it. You shouldn't ever allow anyone to talk to you like that or treat you like that. Nursing is a team effort and if you have *** teammates then you need t...
  3. Does this feeling go away?

    Transferring to ICU has actually been my escape from feeling that way. I spent the past 3.5 years in the Emergency Department. I love emergency medicine with all my heart, I just don't love the ER at the particular hospital I work at. When I wasn't a...
  4. Bullying like I am back in middle school

    I feel like I'm the exact same position. I worked in the ER for 2 years and got along great with everyone...I never heard a negative word spoken to me from co-workers or management. Then I left and decided I was going to do travel nursing. After one ...
  5. Years ago....
  6. Help me please

    They do, it just depends on the needs of the hospital.
  7. Help me please

    I recommend Medical Solutions. I would refer them to anyone without hesitation. They might pay a little less, but you won't find a company that is more friendly and personable. I've never had a problem getting in contact with my recruiter when I've n...
  8. A month into my first assignment...how it's going so far.

    All very good points. I guess it does make a huge difference if you're traveling alone or with family. It ALL depends on what things are important to you! As long as you have fun and enjoy your travels, that's all the matters :) Patchouli -- I messag...
  9. Tax season!! Tips and what not to do.

    TravelTax - Started by a former traveler, for travelers -- these guys are awesome. They know everything. They can be a little expensive depending on how many different states you've worked in. They use several different worksheets they ask you to fil...
  10. A month into my first assignment...how it's going so far.

    Sorry -- TravelTax - Started by a former traveler, for travelers -- that link didn't show up correctly above.
  11. A month into my first assignment...how it's going so far.

    When I signed up for the health insurance through the travel company I was paying the entire premium myself, almost $500 a month. After doing some research I found that I can get really good coverage for nearly half the price. I have since purchased ...
  12. Phone interviews

    Be honest. They will almost always ask you what your weaknesses are. Don't be afraid to tell them. I always tell them that I'm uncomfortable with peds. They're small and they make me nervous! lol.. and I can get a little mouthy with the drunks. I've ...
  13. A month into my first assignment...how it's going so far.

    I spent the past winter in Connecticut, which sucked. Well, the state as a whole sucked, in my opinion. Thankfully the ER I was in was great and the people I worked with were phenomenal. I was expecting the charming and quaint New England you see in ...
  14. The College Network Scam

    My boyfriend was in the exact same situation. He lost $4,000 from them. That "company" is a load of CRAP!!!!!
  15. Central NC assignments?

    Thanks guys. I actually talked to TG Healthcare the other day and they work extensively with a network in and around Greensboro. I only talked to about 25 companies before finding this...but better late than never! :)