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Hi, I am new here!!! What I want to know is what gets to you? I think we all have something that just really makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you have to take care of it. ... Read More

  1. by   mshooha
    Quote from erjulie
    This reminds me of an article that I read last year about a Nurse assistant in a nursing home in Texas. He was arrested for using drugs....he was taking the fentanyl patches off of the old folks and cooking them in water, then injecting the water....all I could think about was that flaky flaky skin and those horrid skin things on the oldsters floating around in the fentanyl broth....eeewwww, you'd really have to be a junkie to do that!
    Oh EEEWWW!!! I about lost it over that one!!
  2. by   Possum
    Maggots in wounds, and faeces from your knee's to your neck really gets to me!! And all the other nurses take a run from it, and leave u there to do it all by your self!
    while you have a pt vomiting up Charcol!!
  3. by   weesyanne
    I think sputum is the grossest thing that I see routinely. Now for something I don't see every day, how about roaches crawling all over a patient when they are first admitted? They brought their little friends to the hospital!
  4. by   cancalbloop
    I can handle poop, vomit, sputum, blood alright but when it comes to changing a colostomy bag, look out because that's when I'll want to puke.

    Where is some Vick's when I need it!? :-)
  5. by   jonear2
    ok, 2 things get to me... c-diff poop and assisting with a bone marrow biopsy. the c-diff reeks worse than anything, almost a sour/sweet sticky smell. and the sight of grinding into someone's bone..uuuugggghhhhh.
  6. by   ratchetrn
    I've always been the sympathetic vommiter too! It's the combo for me:the retching, gagging, slimy, stench of it all!

    But the newest stench that has gotten to me lately is that homeless, alcohol, never wash or brush, funk! Ew w ew!
  7. by   Kidrn911
    I detest eyeball

    and hate pelvics on Rot Crouch
  8. by   ArmyKitten
    I can handle just about anything- even C-diff poop....but the sound (and sight) of chunky snot being suctioned out of someone's throat or nose makes me loose it and gag. Something about that sound coupled with the chunks moving up the tube.....ick!!

    I also don't handle eye injuries well. I remember back when I was a brand new nursing student getting my first nursing textbook and being so excited I started flipping through the pages. The very first part I randomly flipped to was a page in a procedure manual that told how to remove an artificial eye and clean the socket. I think I slammed the book shut and spend the next week debating if I really wanted to enter the nursing program. If I see an eye injury or any eye inflammation at all I immediately start blinking, tearing, and wincing.
  9. by   ilnurse35
    I despise suctioning someone. I hate the sound and the mucus. Vomit used to get me, but I can take it now, as long as there isn't a GI bleed. Also, bloody stool smell.
  10. by   cannonball95
    Pilonidal cyst drainage has got to be the worst...especially if it squirts out and hits someone...The smell fills the whole ER and seems to get into your nose for hours. Whadayathink?
  11. by   LuvMyGamecocks
    Wow...so, so many gross things. And ya know, I can't imagine the average citizen being able to hold onto their cookies (or even consciousness) if they were exposed to half of what you ER nurses get. There is a special place in heaven for nurses...I'm convinced!!

    Though I'm not a nurse yet and don't think I can testify to all the horrible smells and sights, I think the two things that would get me the most are:

    1. Colostomy bags - my 4 month old nephew has a colostomy bag. Changing that sucker or emptying the air...that has got to be the most putrid smell known to man. Instant gagging for me, and I even tried the Vicks!!

    2. Seeing an accident happen - I know that as ER nurses you get the "cleanup" but seeing the accident happen? I saw a show on TV of "Incredible Home Videos." One was a teen boy that jumped, missed his skateboard, put his hand out to stop his fall and his forearm promptly snapped into a V shape....felt sick for weeks, I tell you. Another one was a man that was in a kickboxing match, and gave what looked like an innocent kick with his right leg to the man's left side. When he brought his leg back around, he tried to stand on his leg, but it immediately collapsed and it looked like he was standing on the top part of his lower leg with the bottom half kinda flapping to side (broken tibia and fibula about midway). Turns my stomach, but I can't get the image out of my head.

    Nasty stuff, y'all. Can't WAIT to get there!!!!!!
  12. by   Fraggle
    double diapers. It drives me crazy when a nursing home patient comes in with two diapers on and maybe a chux thrown in for good measure.

    I'm not a real fan of oral care, either. I've done it one in the ED b/c the patient kept showing me her teeth and some were bright booger green. But when I swabbed, they turned out to be actual hard green mucus pieces jammed into missing tooth spaces. I almost yacked that time.
  13. by   LuvMyGamecocks
    So, is that kinda like boogers in their teeth? And you only ALMOST yacked?

    Boogers in the teeth....that's hard core funky.