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Hi, I am new here!!! What I want to know is what gets to you? I think we all have something that just really makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you have to take care of it. ... Read More

  1. by   ImaERtraumaRN
    About two months ago we had a lady who came in with a maggot infestation of the lower leg - so infested the whole leg was pulsating and they were falling off - we found a few crawling in the hallway and had to call to have the room and hallway decontam. when she left. She refused to have the leg treated - she was there for another issue, so a social work and psych consult came along with her visit. I held it together but almost lost my lunch when a coworker who went off shift called back and said we all needed to check each other because he found a few "friends" when he took his shower upon arriving home. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!!!!!
  2. by   dbowens02
    Quote from sunny78
    well this may be a little off the subject but it has bothered me every since i have taken this job! what bothers me is someone that you work with,actually is suspose to work in the office,tries to tell you how to do your job,when they should be in their office doing pay roll or something ! and i am on the floor taking care of patients or getting blood or whatever! and you have someone that does not have any experience try to tell you something that you know is not right!!!!! i am careful with how i respond to her because she is the office mgr. so how do you deal with someone like that!!! :angryfire
    I have the same problem. I work with a doctor in a doctors office and the office manager rules. She makes the nurses lives miserable. So I feel your pain.
  3. by   nurse4theplanet
    impalements and decapitation...i could never work as an EMT or at a morgue!!!
  4. by   teeituptom
    Only one thing bothers me.

    And that is not playing enough golf, and or being late for my tee time
  5. by   CathRN
    I agree with the poster that said a little Vicks in the nostrils! I have a problem with smells,,,,, esp. c-diff, pseudomonas (sp?), gangrene, body odor (unwashed for who knows how long). I always carry Vicks in my nursing bag and keep a jar in my locker.
  6. by   jen42
    Head lice.

    And deep, horrible, suppurating wounds that are oozing green stuff as fast as I can blot it away and have horrible mounds of granulating flesh rearing up from it until it looks like some sort of horrible alien creature and they just keep GROWING and they STINK. Sorry. Sore spot.
  7. by   JessicRN
    Quote from galenight
    I have not witnessed it yet, but I think enucleation will get the best of me. I mean, I think I'll be able to handle it in the moment and do what needs to be done, but when all is said and done, i'd probably go hurl. I used to be grossed out by the mere thought of a broken bone, but you get over that quickly especially in ER. Although I broke my foot a month ago and on myself it grosses me out just a little. The huge Home Depot screw in my foot also gives me the willies if I think about it too much...lol
    Mine is Toe Jam,anything to do with eyeball injuries,and sputum. I can handle anything else. I literally used to trade off a pt with a foot injury and toe Jam for an overdose.
  8. by   ednurse17
    I absolutely cannot stand anyone spitting on the floor, the bed, the walls.... drives me nuts. We have drunks who come in and hack up a huge one and then you hear it go splat on the floor. They get a good talking to, ask them if that was how they were raised. I had a mentally challenged man one night that was sent in by EMS from a nursing home because they couldn't get a catheter in him. Well, I did.... he cussed, started swinging, and then he leaned over the railing and spit on the floor. OMG! How gross! I ended up throwing chucks down on that side of the bed so that at least he'd have something other than the floor to hit. NASTY! Give me blood, poop, pee, wounds, abscesses anyday. Just don't spit! :angryfire
  9. by   Particular
    I can stand pretty much everything, I have worked in the ER for quite a while and was a paramedic before. The eye and nail injuries are nasty but that reallllly high pitched screaming little kids do ( you know sometimes you aren't even near them yet) is really nerve wracking. :stone
  10. by   gobblers
    Doctors who graduate at the bottom of their class and they that they know
    everything. They are unwilling to list to the nursing staff.
    We have had patient's admitted from the ER with the diagnosis of renal colic and not have anything ordered for pain.
    One thiing that really frightens me is the fact that we adminster Cardizem drips on a med-surg floor without bedside monitors. The patients are on telemetry with the rhythm going downstairs to the ICU.
    Physicians that make chart rounds is another pet peeve of mine. The pateints are waiting for there doctor and he never comes.
    Doctors who tell the patients in the morning that they might go home in the evening and never return.
    Nurses carry their cell phones is very irritating to this nurse of 41 years. Especially when they are talking on the phone and pouring up medications or talking on them over the patient as they are doing something.
    Nurses who leave the floor repeatedly to go smoke. I think that they should have to sign out and in when they go.
    Nursing administration gets to me. I think that at least once, perhaps twice a year, they should have to do what the demand of us to do.
    The list could go one.
    It is late and I am sleepy.
    Frustrated nurse in Texas.:angryfire :angryfire
  11. by   LeahJet
    Smells get to me worse than anything.....like GI bleeds... or that whiff of unclean nether-regions when someone drops their pants for an IM...... but I guess the worst smell that I have encountered would be that sickly sweet burned flesh smell from a full thickness burn. It smells like pork rinds dipped in syrup.....~~shudder~~
  12. by   ednurse17
    The smell of C-diff and rotavirus. I can't eat guacamole to this day. Worked on peds unit for 7 years, up to my eyeballs in rotavirus at times. GI bleeds are awful too.
  13. by   Carotid
    saw a worm squirming in fecal material collected from an 8 year-old girl.....yack, yuck, gross, eeeyyyywwww


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