1. Has anyone tried an Ultrascope stethoscope? I'm finishing up my nursing pre-req's and plan on starting nursing school in the spring. I saw the Ultrascope at a job fair (http://www.ultrascopes.com) and was wondering if anyone here has tried one. I was planning on buying a Littmann Cardiology III, but wanted to see what some of you guys had to say about them first?


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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    There have been a few threads on the ultrascope, perhaps a search would turn them up.

    If you are looking at the ultrascope, also look at the potbelly scope put out by dixie EMS, same type of scope.

  4. by   debbyed
    From what I've seen and heard they will be great, especially for an old fuddy-duddy like me who can expect to start cupping her hand behind her ear and say AHH anyday now.

    However, with that said, I don't think I'll run right out and buy one because in the busy environment I work in (ER) I tend to lose things frequently. (Another old age ailment????????????)
  5. by   debi87021
    I too work in the ER, I find that it isn't that the "old"forgetful are at hand, but the young springers somehow obscond with the best of the "ears". I am not exactly old, but i tell you what, i bought a littman and i seem to "lose it" everday almost. And it turns up in the darnest hands! I would just be careful if you buy something that expensive, cause it is the nice stuff that is taken not the junk or works just fine equipment.

  6. by   FullMoonMadness
    I don't really care for the Ultrascopes. I had a Littman that walked, replaced it with scope from DRG.It is great and they send you disbosable bell covers that prevent in accumulation of germs. I like this one better than my Littman.
  7. by   abnurse
    I bought an ultrascope and hate it. I can't hear nearly as well with it as my Littman. Maybe I am just deaf or something. I have heard pros and cons on them and feel it is a personal preference.
  8. by   petiteflower
    I think I have one like Fullmoon. The tubing is made of neoprene and is more durable and there is less noise from the tubing. The guy who did the bose radios was involved with developing them. It is not an expensive stethescope and I gave up my Littman cardiology for it. It is called a pure tone by DRG. 55-65 dollar price range
  9. by   prmenrs
    Do you have a website for the DRG ones? Thnx
  10. by   jnette
    Just went to Google and typed it in... came right up ! Go see there.
  11. by   prmenrs
    THANKS! I actually did find it on another site--they even have peds and neo scopes! cool.
  12. by   Kayzee
    I have one and I really don't hear any better than with others. I would like to get a cardiac Littman next.
  13. by   ucandoit
    I have an ultrascope and love it! It was worth the $$$
  14. by   teeituptom
    I prefer the cheaper the better, if your not carefull all the time they just seem to walk off on their own