Professional Courtesy

  1. I had to take my 8 y/o to the ER the other day because he slammed his left hand in my dually pickup door. The hand had a couple of small lacs that needed steri stripped and xrays of it because of the discoloration/edema over 2 of the joints.

    So we to the ER that we use and one I use to work in for over two years and basically waited almost two hours and still was not seen. I LWOBS because I felt insulted. Now the ER that day was what I call "easy money", sure there were patients but nothing really serious, lots of what looked like ash and trash. Heres my point. When I work and I see someone I know is a nurse or other medical person I expedite the care because I believe in Professional Courtesy and taking care of our own. Sometimes I have had to argue and press my point but I made it happen. My past working relationship with the personell was good I thought except for the ER doc who is a jerk.

    I took him over to another ER and was extended the Professional Courtesy and was in and out in 45 minutes including films, strips, and dressing.

    Am I wrong to expect Proffessional Courtesy?
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  3. by   kaycee
    We always try to expedite medical folks through they ER when they come. Maybe if you were triaged and were waiting to see the doc, since it sounds like you didn't get along he/she blew you off. I have worked with and still do ER docs who don't like someone and they purposefully make them wait. The more I push them to see the pt the sh!##ier they become about it.
    I don't think your wrong to hope for professional courtesy but this day and age I'm not sure it can be expected. It's a shame!
  4. by   CEN35
    i do it all the time. when i know a fireman, medic, nurse, (depends on the doc), relative or bet they get pushed through mister. there has to be some benefit to the job, and being a loyal hard working employee!!!!!!!!!!!! the key on a crazy day is too......not let anybody else in the wr know that you know them. then make it seem like they are there for something bad, or there is real concern. or last????? run them in the back door! :d

  5. by   canoehead
    I agree, sneak them in the back door if you have to. Really, how often do you catch a nurse at the ER when it ISN"T a real emergency?
  6. by   CEN35
    it doesn't have to be an emergency.......ya can still get them in and out!

  7. by   fergus51
    I don't like the idea of better care because I'm a nurse. Everyone else has to wait. I don't think I deserve to be able to butt in line because I know people in the ER. I am not trying to sound like a ***** or anything. Just my feeling.

    I hope your son's hand feels better.
  8. by   KC CHICK
    "Professional Courtesy" is a wonderful thing when your fiance is a police officer and you get a speeding ticket.

    As long as we're not bumping any criticals out of the way, why not get a perk now and then??
  9. by   CEN35
    I guess if you really want to sit out there for 4 -6 hours like thte rest thats your choice.
  10. by   fergus51
    I had to laugh reading your reply KC Chick! My dad was a cop for 33 years and absolutely refused to erase my brother's speeding ticket as he thought it would "teach him a lesson". About 3 months later cops in a neighboring city (I think about 8) were charged for erasing speeding tickets for "family, friends and influential" people in town. They lost their jobs over it. I think it was more the "influential people" that angered the public. I thought my dad was such a hard a$$ at the time. I still do, but it did save him a lot of grief.
  11. by   kennedyj
    Erasing tickets I could see as a potential risk since they are already registered but I like the fact that most will just let you go when pulled over.

    the professional courtesy- you should take care of your own!!!!
  12. by   spudflake
    What an insult. I'd write a letter to the hospital just because of the long wait. Professional courtesy should be used whenever possible.
  13. by   Dave123
    Thanks for the feed back. Sometimes I have to check because the way I see things and the way others see thngs is at times very different.

    I will not write a letter to the hospital because its sort of pride issue for me. For me, Professional Courtesy is something that is extended not asked for.

    I would never seek to "cut" in front of any true emergencies. I understand what the one poster who said I should wait my turn is saying but I do not agree.

    I guess I feel that if we can't take of our own then we are in real trouble as a profession.

    I will say that if ever anyone of those folks that did not extend the Professional Courtesy to me in thier ER, comes to mine, then I will remember it. I however will extend Professional Courtesy to them. No I am not turning the other cheek, I just think it is the right thing to do.

    Just my opinion

  14. by   CEN35
    it's America.......your entitled to your opinion