Nursing accessories for ER/ED?

  1. Hello AN!

    I am currently transitioning from a Medsurg unit to ER/ED (same hospital).
    A friend of mine said I will no longer have the need to use my nursing pouch/fanny pack.

    What type of nursing accessories, scrubs, shoes should I invest in as I start my new nursing career? Irregardless of price.

    Raptor Shears were the #1 my friends recommend.
    Figs were #2

    Please let me know other suggestions in the comments.
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  3. by   Cat365
    I carry trauma shears, a pen, stethoscope, and a white board marker.

    Whats a fig? Other than dried fruit?
  4. by   HalfBoiled
    Quote from Cat365
    I carry trauma shears, a pen, stethoscope, and a white board marker.

    Whats a fig? Other than dried fruit?
    Figs are higher quality scrubs.

    FIGS - Premium Scrubs, Lab Coats & Medical Apparel

    Pricey, but quality over quantity.
  5. by   Cat365
    Personally I like Cherokee infinity because they have the stretchy panel in the back. Obviously I don't know how they compare to figs since I was picturing you stuffing your pockets with dried fruits.

    Running shoes are helpful. I have a few coworkers who wear Dansco or similar shoes but I like to be able to move fast if I need to.
  6. by   KeeperMom
    #1. Thick skin
    #2. good socks. I like SwiftWicks or Balega
    #3 great fitting, good shoes. Go to a real running store and get a pro fit.
    #4. Good trauma shears, Raptors are great but I wouldn't get any until you know your habits and if you are prone to leave things lying around. Raptors will get stolen in a hurry.
    #5. Scrubs you like. I think the Figs look fine online but I have yet to see any in person. They are pretty expensive so I'd make certain I liked them.
    #6 healthy coping mechanisms.
  7. by   blondy2061h
    These accessory threads always amuse me. Besides my stethoscope and lunch I never brought anything extra to work. In later years I got picky over writing utensils and when I got my Apple Watch I actual started wearing a watch.
  8. by   RJ 55
    So I have been a ER and trauma nurse for about 10 years. Here is what I have on hand....
    1. Pens
    2. Sharpie
    3. Trauma shears
    4. Stethoscope
    5. Scrubs that have lots of pockets
    6. Good attitude
    7. Flexible mind set
    8. Open heart.
    9. My listening ears on

    So as new nurse on the unit about a decade ago I learned how to break down some barriers...and they are relatively simple. ER and trauma nurses are sometimes hard to relate to. We have seen the worse that humanity has to offer. Offer to help. Even if it is something as easy as assisting a patient that needs to be turned or cleaned. Responding to a beeping alarm when the primary is on the phone with a doctor is helpful as well. We notice who is helpful and who is not. ER nursing and trauma nursing is a team effort. So come prepared to be part of a team. If you don't know how to do something.....ask! We don't expect you to know everything. Be an advocate for your patient. Sometimes the ER docs are distracted. You are your patient's voice. Speak up when something doesn't seem right.
  9. by   JKL33
    Excellent! ^
  10. by   Wuzzie
    A smile.
  11. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I wear Carhartt Black Scrubs exclusively. Tons of Pockets, super durable and un-stainable. Good sturdy shoes. I wear salomon's but that is a personal preference. An incredibility think skin. An ability to leave work at work and not get sucked up into the heavy drama pig occurrences. Lots of Coffee and a flexible lifestyle for when you get mandated at the worst possible time. Finally, a plan out for when your back, knees and nerves have had enough


    Good Luck!!!
  12. by   Nalon1 RN/EMT-P
    $65 for a pair of shears?
    One of our techs had a pair of those for about a week (it was a present). Really nice and fancy. She had used them twice before they disappeared.
    I bought a set of 3 shears of e-bay for $5 over 2 years ago, I still have all 3. My primary set is about done for though.

    I was wondering what figs were as well. No idea what scrubs you should get, what works for me will not necessarily work well for you.
    As said, just make sure it has plenty of pockets that are easy to get to.
    Same goes for shoes. You may go through 2-3 pair before you find something that works for you.

    On my person at all time I have:
    • 2 pens
    • fine point sharpie
    • shears
    • alcohol preps
    • a few flushes
    • Carpuject holder
    • pocket knife
    • unit radio
    • personal cell phone
    • stethoscope
    Don't think I have wanted more, usually my stethoscope is sitting on the desk (a cheap, no name one that I have had for 10 years now).

    And RJ 55 gives some good advice, be helpful. We notice. We are more willing to help than you know, and how you act will determine somewhat how you are treated.
    Ask questions. There is such a thing as a stupid question, but it still needs to be asked. We have all had (and still do have) stupid questions, but I ask them anyway. You will never know it all. It will take time to know a lot.
    Get to know your Doc's. Not necessarily personally, but their personality, how approachable they are, and how they treat other nurses. Do not be afraid of them. Do not let them boss you around or talk down to you.
    Having the Doc right there vs having to call makes a huge difference, so make sure you know what you want or need when you walk up to them.
  13. by   PeakRN
    We stock most of what we need in the rooms, so I wouldn't carry a whole lot on you. I carry my pocket guide (emergency drips and meds), scissors, pen, and sharpie. Sometimes I wear my stethoscope but often I leave it on the desk; we don't have an issue with theft so I don't worry about that.

    I spend more time making sure that our rooms, carts, and trays are stocked so that they are there when I need them.

    The best scrubs are which ever you like and fit you well, the same goes for shoes.

    What makes an ED nurse great is being ready for anything. This may mean having certain equipment available but even more is a commitment to learning. Know when a patient is sick or not sick. Be ready to talk to the providers, which sometimes means having uncomfortable conversations. If your patient's are settled take the time to figure out what else needs to be done in the department. Don't consider yourself above stocking or cleaning rooms.
  14. by   CX_EDRN
    I always have my stethoscope, trauma shears and a couple of pens on me. That's it. And by a couple of pens, I mean the janky ones I give to patients to sign things and my nice one that I will hunt the fool down that doesn't return it to me. I will usually stuff some flushes and extra angiocaths in one of my cargo pockets, but not always.

    As for scrubs, I wear dickies pants because they're stretchy. My only requirement is that they move with me when I'm squatting down. I personally wouldn't spend money on fancy scrubs, they're just going to get covered in literal crap anyway. Good shoes and socks are a must though, when I forget to wear my compression socks (read: haven't done laundry in awhile) I am definitely feeling it a few hours in. Everything else is just a nice extra, in my opinion.
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