1. Alright all you ED nurses. I am in need of some assistance. For the past 3 days, I have been itching like CRAZY. No rash, no redness, no scaling, no flaking, no LICE. Just itching to the point that I would gladly submerge myself in a vat of hot oil if it'd stop it.

    No new skin products in use, no new detergents, no contact w/anything out of the ordinary. No sx of gallstones. Been popping benadryl like m&m's, with little relief.

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?????????????????????? I am going nuts.

    Since you guys see just about everything, please, impart your wisdom.
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  3. by   mopsi the itching???? arms ,hands back???
  4. by   shay
    ALL OVER!!!! Had the flu for a day or so...or what felt like the flu. Fever, diarrhea, n/v. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?? I feel like I'm laying in an ant bed.
  5. by   mopsi
    Nerves???The recent flu thing bothers me with all the Biological crap going on......Where do you work???? State? We are starting with the head lice scabies thing here in Ohio....seasonal...but there are real things to see..for s/sx....Aeveno ..oatmeal bath might help...also tea tree oil is good Walmart carries it......poor have my sympathy....
  6. by   galenight
    Do you use latex gloves? I realize you said no redness.. but I have a problem with the gloves. Not a true allergy, a sensitivity.. I've always had sensitive skin. I will often notice that I have some itching days before I break out with eczema. Go to a dermatologist and go from there. He/she may refer you to an allergist... Was just thinking.. hope you're not working while taking Benadryl...LOL.. good luck
  7. by   CMERN
    Do you work 7a to 7p, or have you had added stress plus the flu-thing with out adequate sleep?...I find after a stressful 12 hour shift and decreased sleep..when I am exhausted. I have generalized itching a dry skin itching.. my take on it is it is my hystamine levels have increased and relaesed in reaction to the stress. I find that increase water intake, 1 asprin, and 6-8 hours uninterupted sleep cure the itch sensation every time..
  8. by   Vsummer1
    How is your liver? Those symptoms (fever, itching, n/v, flu-like) are also hepatitis symptoms... Just a thought.
  9. by   l.rae
    low thyroid can also cause dry itchy skin.....l have heard other pple who suffer from chronic fatiguesyndroms c/o maybe it is a side effect of the flu.......try the gold bond lotion...see a doc if it doesn't stop soon....LR
  10. by   kaycee
    Shay it's actually very common after a viral infection to get a rash that sometimes is noticable and sometimes is not and alot of itching. It could just be the end of your illness. If the Benadryl isn't helping try Atarax. It is sometimes more effective. Do drink a lot of water. If it continues with no improvement get thee to your PCP. Good luck and take care!
  11. by   shannonRN
    i feel your pain...was itching like crazy a little over a month ago...starting with just an itch, then came the hives. the er doc said that most of the time they never find a cause. no chance for scabies or anything like that? i chalked mine up to stress...hope you are feeling better soon!
  12. by   idefibu
    I have the same problem.But it is only between the fingers on my right hand.It's stress.When I'm away from work it goes away.I hope that helps.I use a benadyl creme also.Who knows.
  13. by   massEDgirl
    Had this happen to me once about 5 years ago......seems I had a reaction to something in an OTC cold medicine I was taking..........SORRY!!....... I forgot the name of the ingredient that can cause body itching.....have you had any OTC cold or flu meds??
  14. by   kids
    Wow shay...I hope you aren't still itching

    Check the date of the original post folks!:imbar