ID bands

  1. My ED Manager is wondering if all EDs put ID bands on their patients at the time of Admission. Would appreciate any answers.
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  3. by   JJFROG
    They get a band as soon as they see registration.
  4. by   kaycee
    Same here, they have an ID band as soon as they are registered. In fact all pt's have ID bands whether they are there for outpt testing, ED or admission.
  5. by   galenight
    No bands in our ER. We are a very small rural ER. I do think, however, that we will be getting them soon.
  6. by   spudflake
    You can't tell the players without a program --EVERY PATIENT MUST BE BANDED. And I'm in a rural area too.
  7. by   LerRN95
    We use arm bands as well. Before we got an automated system, we has to hand write them. Needless to say that that was rarely done, except when the patient was admitted. We still don't use them 100%, but it is better. :-)
  8. by   kfolsomrn
    Here the triage nurse puts a temporary band with name and birthday written with marker on the pt (along with allergy band). then when pt is registered, the temporary band is replaced with a "sticker" that has full info on it.
  9. by   debbyed
    How do you check the armband before giving medicine if it isn't there?????
  10. by   ALISHAJO
    I work for a small ER also. I try to band as many of my ER patients as possible. (I'm probably the only RN there that does!!) When we started doing it in our ER ~ 7-8 years ago, the RN was the one responsible for it....of course the RN also registered the patient in long hand. Now everything is entered by computer and the OP clerk is supposed to band these patients but they usually come up with a lot of excuses not to!!! Why am I an advocate for it now? ( it was a pain in the butt when we started it!!) because the ER can "get busy" at any time. when that patient came in he/she may have been the only one there and within 30 min every room is full. patients get moved around within the department at times to accomodate the numbers. the bands are not for the nurse....there is generally only one RN working in our department at a is for the other departments like lab and xray who are suppose to be checking that they have the correct patient for the procedure ordered....patients usually look at me funny when I insist that the name band be put on but I explain that it is for their own protection!!! I'm not concerned about the bands for me to check when I am giving medications...If I can't remember anything about this patient that I just did a detailed assessment on within the last 30 min, then there is a real problem!!!!!
  11. by   prmenrs
    I went to the ER a couple of months ago and was banded by the triage nurse and again a few minutes later by the registration clerk. They didn't come off til I was leaving and had to ASK for them to be cut off!

    I really think it's a liability issue--God forbid somebody gets the wrong test/x-ray/med/whatever, or becomes unresponsive for whatever reason. Seems like it should be an automatic thing to band them when they come in--why is it not done? No excuses accepted in court!
  12. by   Tiiki
    We band our patients when they are registered. The hit triage first, and if they say are shuttled to obs or recuss, we put a temporary band on them.."F45555" for example with their own unique number until they can be registered. Once the patient is registered a proper band is applied. A lot of times you'll see the registration clerk coming into obs or cubes to ask the pt question, band them, and finish things off. All our pts have to be banded to be seen. We need I.D. We need to be able to follow them.

  13. by   RNConnieF
    Triage/Registration bands them before they even hit the bed. Everyone is triaged and the puter spits out stickers with name/number, allergies, insurance, birthdate. These stickers are used for the name band, on each chart page, on lab specimems, and on discharge instructions. The bands may not be removed in the hospital even on discharge.
  14. by   live4today
    Yepper........I got banded back in December when out of state visiting my daughter and family and ended up in the ER. Anyhoo...they took really good care of "out-of-towner", and banded me immediately.