heres the update..

  1. Hey gang!

    Okay heres the update. I LOve It!!

    I have learned so much in the 4 weeks on board. A majority of the RNs are awesome and willing to teach, there are , however, a few "nasty Nancy Nurses" that dont acknowledge your exsistance.

    But I dont care about them anyway! Mt tech preceptor is FABULOUS! Hes been a tech for over 25yrs! The ER is like his 2nd home.

    Anyway we had some bad traumas come in. Last week it seem to be "kid week for horrible accidents". MY new pet peeve is "parents who let their children fall out of 4 story windows!" In one week we had two kids, one fell out a four story (passesd away , other fell out of two story, liver lac, spleen, lac crushed scull . I have kids and I know accident happen, but sheesh!

    Other than than that, I love it!. When I grad in may 04 form rn school, I know exactly where Im going!! ER BABY!

    I can sit here and honestly say I think I found my calling.... Now if I can only remember where they keep the DPL kit

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  3. by   ShelleyERgirl
    Congrats Happy! I glad you found your calling so quickly in your career, some people it takes a while through trial and error. Anyway, congrats and I am glad you are
  4. by   gwenith
    Hope teh honeymoon period lasts - for the rest of your working life!!! It's nice to have teh initial excitement.
  5. by   BadBird
    It is nice to here someone has enthusiam again, good for you, I hope you continue to love ER.
  6. by   renerian
    All I can say is kids are very very fast. I had my kids, all of them in ER, for one thing or another and many stitches. Sometimes no matter what you do they still get hurt at times.

    Glad you like your rotation.

  7. by   atownsendrn
    Hey happy. I am so glad that you are enjoy the ER. I felt the same way you do when I was an ER tech. And I still love it. I can't imagine doing anything else. Stick with it.

    And about the kids. There are volunteer programs - the ENA has ENCARE - that teach nurses how to teach safety prevention programs. Perhaps once you graduate you would be interested in doing something like that. I do seatbelt/carseat safety, bike helmet safety, and drinking and driving programs. I have found that teaching these programs help me to deal with the day-to-day stupidity of these injuries better. Anyway, something for you to thank about. Enjoy school and have fun at work. Hope to hear more about your learning experiences.
  8. by   happystudent
    I would LOVE to do a child safety/ prevention program. I didnt know that was an avenue available...hmm.

    Also I would like to say that I know that workinG in the ER and being a part of the trauma team can be EXTREMELY STRESSFUL.

    There has been days when I feel like I have ten thumbs, two left feet and a jello- mold for a brain, but I wake up the next morning ready to do it again

    My main thing is that I cant wait untill I reach the point where I dont have to "think" about what to do next... do you know what I mean?

    People say that IT takes about a good 6mos to a year before you actually feel "comfortable".

    What do you guys think? How long did it take you?

  9. by   Scis
    Dear happy:
    I've been 10 years doing ER/Trauma in a large, urban trauma center. I have one tip for you--don't ever get seduced into thinking you're "comfortable", that's when the s__t will hit the fan and your socks will be knocked off! Be wary of those nurses who appear to be comfortable and know everything, they're just as wary as you at times!
    My preceptor years ago told me, "one day you won't even have to think, you'll just do"; I admit, that is the case most of the time, but just remember to keep on top of the game, keep current, and by all means, take care of yourself off shift. If I did not have my kids and my exercise equipment to divert me from thinking of the many traumatic incidents I have had to deal with during the years, I would have been one of the "jumpers"!
    Remember too, you WILL have shifts where things inevitably go wrong, no matter what you do it's not enough, people die....I've said many times 30 minutes into shift "why do I keep doing this?", but then you buck up, dust off, and keep going...
    The best of luck to you, I hope deep down your enthusiasm will remain constant.
  10. by   TinyNurse
    I'm a new grad going into ER, and even in my senior year in nursing school when my son burnt his forearm on a frickin lightbulb I still took him to the ER.
    I'll be glad to be there, but kids, especially toddlers are SOOOOO fast!!!!!
  11. by   debbyed
    Jenni......Your tag line tells me you are gonna do just fine.
  12. by   canoehead
    When it's all automatic then the thrill is gone. You want to keeep being challenged the ER is the place for you.