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  1. by   ojoern
    Amber, I'm sure you find all of this very disconcerting. I would have also, when I was a student. After several years of nursing, I find it hilarious. There is no way to give you the perspective that only experience can. Allow me to assure you that the same nurses that laugh at things you find horrid are the same ones that save people's lives every day through the skills, knowledge and intuition that have developed along with the cynicism and nearly lethal sarcasm. Let's face it, when you go from caring for a child that has just died to caring for a drug addict who has been cut open by the same crazy girlfriend for the thirteenth time (this actually happened, btw) you tend to view the junkie in a less than favorable light. When confronted by the extremes of human behavior that tend to manifest in the E.D., your sense of humor tends to go to extremes. Gallows humor is endemic to the E.D. Remember, sometimes it's better to laugh than cry.

  2. by   mshooha
    amen ojoern amen
  3. by   chibear55
    Quote from Amber_student_nurse
    Only in America
    Talk about being FOS!
  4. by   melrn1972
    B52-haldol and ativan cocktail for the wild and crazy crowd
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    whats up my name is anthony i'm really new to this web site but it seems interesting enough hit me back

    (just a nursing student)
  6. by   Amber_student_nurse
    why would I be full of S*#t?
  7. by   LeashRN
    Oh please, if it is still possible to get a list of these that would be great!
    In fact, I'm sitting here taking a study break - studying for the second to the last test before I graduate in Dec!!!!! The laughing has rejuvenated me - I think I can make through one more hour. This may be my highest scoring test ever - I'll keep you all posted.
  8. by   WayneRNinKS
    Some we use are:
    DRT "dead right there"
    GOMER and ***** also but those were mentioned.
    In the book called "House of God", they had tons of acronyms. It's been awhile since I read the book so don't remember them all but they used an expression in the book that guides me in my nursing today.
    It's: "Gomers go to ground". Meaning, watch the sick and old as they can fall and get hurt so never turn your back on them. Surely if you do, they will "go to ground".
    thanks for the postings.
  9. by   WayneRNinKS
    Quote from blueinplaid
    My contribution is give 'em a little PTQ....pillow till quiet
    OMG!! I love this one: PTQ !! what a riot !!
    one more: AHS "acute hysteria syndrome".
    CTD "circling the drain".
    thanks, these are great !
  10. by   dthfytr
    Did anybody mention;

    TSTL; Too Stupid To Live

    SP2TWD; ( PRONOUNCED SPITWAD) Self Propelled, Self Perpetuating, Toxic Waste Dump.

    Earlier I read somebody's shock that we say these things. The really sad part is that people become these things in the first place! It's not that we're insulting the patients, we're simply observing patterns of human behaviour.
  11. by   rnwendy23
    OK guys and gals, but I had to share one...
    Sorry if it's a repeat, but I couldn't read through all of these.

    Whenever we have to assist the doctor with a pelvic exam we say we are going to "Busch Gardens".
  12. by   EDRN2BE
    I worked with a doc his name was Dr. Brown and I would always call him DB well after a couple of dirty looks and people looking at me like what the @#$& are you talking about where is the dead body I stopped calling him that. Which sucked cause I think he liked it. He was so great when we would have a cardiac or respiratory arrest come in it always seemed to happen right when he got there. He had a lovely song "Great way to start the day with a DOA"
    (snapping fingers and signing):uhoh21:
  13. by   EDRN2BE
    [quote=ojoern] thank you for that.