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This could be fun what are some of the funniest names you have heard out at triage? I had a teenage mom that came in I asked what the newborns name was, she smiled and state "Sparkles". I kept a... Read More

  1. by   RN and Mommy
    Ok, my husband is a huge Dallas football and basketball fan. He wants to name our son (if we ever have one) Dallas. Is that weird?
  2. by   Soon2BNurse
    Not as "interesting" as some of the ones I've read, but my sister in law, her parents couldn't decide on a name in time so her birth certificate reads "Infant" as her first name.
  3. by   PCA RN
    My neighbor had a dog named Dee-O-Gee; when asked why he named him that, he said it was because that's what he was: a D-O-G (DOG)!!!:chuckle
  4. by   4kidsrn
    I work out patient pediatrics so here are a few of my favorite
    My favorite Zazo (male)
    Justine Tyme (real name)
  5. by   wildcatrn
    One of our nurse practitioners used to keep a list of names that she thought odd, she was an er nurse also---i found the one that topped the list---Da'Nauty Kyss-----:blushkiss
  6. by   jenrnmcg
    We had twins recently delivered the parents named them Gunner and Shooter
  7. by   naz
    In South Africa we have many people with names such as Gift, Precious, Freedom, Patience, etc. this is because the parents have translated it directly from their home languages into English. I've worked with a nurse aid named Matron and as we still frequently use the term to refer to our Nursing Managers in SA you can see her mom's aspirations for her, but the most unfortunate name must belong to the paediatric surgeon I worked with as a first year student......Dr BUTCHER.
  8. by   KelRN24
    We have a frequent flyer family with the little girl named "Amiracle." Most of the names I see I swear are made up because I have never seen any of them in a baby name book! Of course I always slaughter the pronunciation and get corrected!

  9. by   dwills302
    I have a niece named Shira Jenae. I had actually picked the name out when I was pregnant with my last child, but was a boy and could not use it. So when my sister got pregnant she asked if she could use the name.
  10. by   traumaerRN
    I have seen many funny ones too--- one little girl named Cyan- I asked Mom where did that come from and she says "it's a medical term you know" (she had just taken her CNA class) got it from cyanosis----- just be glad they weren't studying diarrhea.....then I've seen the Heaven & Heavenly- we've also had Orangejello & Lemonjello- and recently Espn--prononced espen or something like that. Wonder if sister will be CNN ?????
  11. by   hello_nurse_mel
    Quote from stones
    A couple named their baby chlamydia- thinking it was just a pretty sounding name. Like a flower- poor kid not just for having a name like that but a couple of insanely stupid parents.
    When I was pregnant w/ my son, there was a lady who was almost due. She was having a girl and when asked, said she was naming her "Gonorrhea". I asked her if she knew it was name of an STD and she said yes, but that she was going to pronounce it differently (Ga-NAH-ria) - poor kid. I also used to work for an ob/gyn doc - here are more names - Nevaeh (Ne-VAY-ah) Heaven spelled backwards (I liked this one). Family whose last name was Green dad: Forrest, mom: Esmarelda, kids: Hunter, Kelly, Oliver David (OD) or olive. went ti school with a girl named Ima June Bugge (last name not pronounced bug)
  12. by   paphgrl
    Wanda Ball...
    need I say more?
  13. by   flashpoint
    Quote from Forcemaster
    In the case of Brittany, I believe that is how it is spelt in Galic... Dayvod is Welsh... not sure about the others but they too might just be the 'non-english-ised' versions of names. isn't Brittany that is unusual...Brytkneigh is the one I thought was a little out there...