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  1. What's the typical pay like in the ER or Trauma Unit for a person who just started in the ER compared to a more experienced ER nurse???
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  3. by   Aneroo
    Probably depends on facility.
    Where I work, you do not get special pay for certs (ACLS, PALS, TNCC)- b/c you are expected to get these after working there for a certain amount of time.
    At other hospitals, RN's received a certain amount extra/hr for these certs.
    Also depends on if your experience is in an ED or other floor, how many years, etc...
  4. by   ED RN 911
    In our ER, RN's and Medics are started off the same pay grid at about $32-36 an hour, plus cert pay.:chuckle
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Whew ED RN 911 I wanna work where you do! In central IL (read rural) level one trauma center our RNs new grads start at $17.50/hour. I work prn (work full time as a case manager) and make good money but do not get paid for any certs and I have the following: CEN, ACLS provider and instructor, CPR provider/instructor, ENPC provider/instructor, PALS provider, EMS lead instructor, BTLS, TNS (IL only cert), TNCC, PEPP, and I have an MSN to boot - no extra money. However, I love the ER.
  6. by   ClaireMacl
    In the UK, all ED nurses are paid more than ward nurses, this has caused alot of aggrivation amongst experienced ward nurses!
  7. by   steelcityrn
    Can you tell us what area you are in ed????
  8. by   ClaireMacl
    Me? I work in London. Our ED nurses are band 6 (old E grade), whereas the ward nurses are band 5 (E grade).
  9. by   joeys
    I believe new grads where I work are $18 to start.
  10. by   singhm
    i have passed my nclex exam and now looking for greencard sponshership to come and work in california. can you help me to findout hospitals who can sponsher me for greencard.
    i am ER NURSE and having 8 years experience and TNCC,PALS,ACLS ALL these certificates i have.
  11. by   singhm

    howmuch experienced [like 8 years ] ER nurse earn in california.
  12. by   mom23RN
    I'm in Michigand haven't worked in over 5 years but when I hired into the ER I was making well over $21/hr plus my shift premium (8% for nights) and that was almost 10 years ago!!!!!
  13. by   paphgrl
    I am a new grad in ER. Started at $23.50/hr plus differential.
  14. by   singhm
    i am looking for greencard sponshership by hospitals. i have passed my nclex.
    i am ER nurse. please let me know if any hospitals in california sponshering for greencard.