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  1. Paracentesis on hospice

    Does your agency provide paracentisis when a PleureX catheter is contraindicated? I know it is expensive but it is symptom management. Your thoughts?
  2. Cinnamon challenge dangerous

    She was an adult
  3. Cinnamon challenge dangerous

    A patient presented to triage in severe respiratory distress after aspirating cinnamon while doing the cinnamon challenge. Her O2 sat was in the 50's. She was immediately intubated but prognosis very grim. please pass the word that this fad is danger...
  4. 20 something female worth co low abdominal pain. Quite obese. 5 minutes baby born. Didn't know she was pregnant.
  5. "You've got 4 days to improve or else..." ... advice?

    Get out while you can. I had a very similar experience and your post made me sick to my stomach thinking about what I went through. Ed nurses have a long memory and probably won't let this go..I went to A cardiac unit for about a year and returned to...
  6. When I have encontered patients with difficult IV access I have placed IVs in shoulders and sometimes in veins of the breast. I have had good success with these sites. I have not seen other nurses do this. Has anyone ever utilized there peripheral ve...
  7. What do you thinkf of "Magnet"?

    My hospital became Magnet. I had thought it was a good thing until I saw the process. Management put on a big show for the magnet folks that came to assess our hospital. Front line nurses were shielded from the interviewers. Certain nurses were selec...
  8. Should a new grad try ED or not?

    I started my career in the ER. After nine months, I asked for a transfer to med/surg. I realised my lack of expreience was putting my patients in danger. I will return to the ER in a few months with a solid background in patient care. It was a diffi...
  9. How Many Nurses are Glad They Have a Union

    I wouldn't work in a non union hospital. Last year, our contract was negotiated to include twice a year salary increases. Within months, the other two non union hospitals in the area had to increase wages to retain nurses. So the nurses who work in o...
  10. reporting med errors

    As long as nurses are afraid to discuss their med errors openly, they will keep happening, and patients will suffer. How many med errors have you made in the last year? Did you report it? How were you treated? How does your facility handle med error...
  11. After I graduate can I start right off in the ER?

    I started in the ER. 9 months later I decided to transfer to a med/surg floor. Once I get a year of med/surg, I plan to get experience in critical care...THEN return to the ER. Imagine how difficult it was for me to transfer after only 9 months. My c...
  12. Med errors

    How many Medication errors do you make? Are you afraid to report med errors at your facility? How does your facility handle critical med errors?
  13. new grad leaving er

    Thank you all for the kind words and advice. I look forward to starting with a clean slate. This will make me a better nurse.
  14. new grad leaving er

    I have discussed this with my manager. Many nurses in the dept. are against hiring new grads, and so don't support them. I worked shifts with nurses who watched and waited for me to make mistakes. I had no support. I was hearing criticism through the...
  15. New Nurse....Please Respond

    I had a twelve week orientation. After orientation I was thrown to the wolves. I had no support. When I had too many patients, I wasn't given to option to say no to additional patients. I was working at the same level as the more experienced nurses. ...