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Do any of you mind sharing how much your base pay per hour is? I just got a new job, and I feel that my rate is less than I should be making in Pennsylvania. I mentioned my two years experience to... Read More

  1. by   soon2binOK
    Durant, Oklahoma $18/hr BSN,RN rate

    Quote from nextyearnurse
    I started out at 22.50 with 1.50 shift diff for midnights and an additional buck or so when working on weekends. . .
  2. by   Faeriewand
    In San Diego new grads start at $25 per hour
  3. by   JakeT
    In Albquerque new GN starts off at approx $20 hr. Weekend night diff is $8. Night diff during week in $5 hr. Weekend day diff is $3 hr. Relief charge is $1 hr. Permanent charge is 10% pay raise. Clinical ladder is $1hr for level 1 and $3 hr for level 2 and $6 hr for level 3.
  4. by   TinyNurse
    Ohio new grad, rural, critical care 20/hr and 2/shift diff
    Nashville inner city 2 yrs exp critical care 18.59 plus 3/hr shift diff
    Houston inner city 2 yrs exp critical care 25.85 plus 3/hr shift diff
    just a picture of how wages differ cross country
  5. by   nursejennie76
    I have been an LPN for 5 years and just finished my RN this week. I will be working 7a-7p in the ER the base rate is 21.50, +2$more before 11pm, and 4$more after 11. I make 15 now as a peds home care LPN. Jennifer
  6. by   Redneck_hippie
    Get a union! $33.07 not including nite diff. County hospital. No state tax, no social security, we're in PERS. Sorry I've been doing this for 20+ years, tho. Hang in there Florida. Contact SEIU or Teamsters. Oh I forgot to mention 293 hours of vacation per year...that's about eight weeks per year if you work 12 hour shifts...and who doesn't. One more thing, longevity bonus = .0057 X base pay for 1 year X #of years at UMC = $8234.88 (for 21 years).

    Love ya sisters and brothers.
    Please bargain together aka collective bargaining.
  7. by   MAGIK GIRL
    week end option in north eastern md is $45.00 days and $50.00 nights
  8. by   chip193
    $24.06 base with 1 yr and CCRN...extra $2/hr for nights, $1.25 for charge, $1.50 for eves. We also get a "bonus" quarterly - $500 for nights and $300 for eves.

  9. by   Granted Fal
    Hospital pay in the ER -- 18.50 then they put you at the base rate, on not sure how much that is...
    Nursing homes here pay up to 28/hr for RNs.. but who wants to work there...
  10. by   Taxminia0311
    Does anyone know what is the base pay and shift differential for and LPN in Houston, Texas????? either hospital of Elderly care facility....Nursing home you may send me this information To: or Taxminia0311@MSN.NET The reason I ask is that My family and I are planning to move out to Houston texas and my Fiancee and I are both LPN with two Boy age 6 and 13 and we are hoping that we can afford a nice brand new house with all the bells and whisslessss on two LPN salarys I even willing to work over time if i have to in order to give my family a nice stabel home....
  11. by   nurseshrek
    how much does a dialysis nurse with one year experience earn?
    Quote from mommatrauma
    My base is $31.00...w/ shift diff...I'm getting about $34.00 working 11a-11p
  12. by   Pete495
    Starting pay for a Grad RN in PA is 20.23/ hour in our hospital. Yes there is a shift diff, and weekend diff. the shift diff is like 1.10 whereas the weekend diff is only .49 or some crap like that.
  13. by   boondock211
    Pennsylvania - about a 100 bed hospital with a 9 bay ER that can get quite hectic - $21.90 with 3 years nursing experience and 1 year ER experience - $1 shift differential for 3-11 and nights & $3 per shift for charge