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  1. Triage at the bedside

    Hi Maisy, It sounds like the problem isn't so much with changing the process, it seems to be the lack of input from the folks in the trenches. When we do something new (that we invent - remember, there are still directives that come from above!), we ...
  2. Triage at the bedside

    We see 65,000 a year, three nurses in triage - one out front, two triaging either in their offices or in the rooms (depending on whether there are rooms available). Ratio is 1:3 in the trauma/cardiac area, 1:5 in the general area, and 1:7 in psych/E...
  3. Triage at the bedside

    Let me tell you a little story... First a little background about me and the department. I've been doing ED nursing for about 5 years, the last 2 as a manager of the ED, and prior to that I held every EMS title that you can imagine, right up to COO....
  4. Foley Balloon Test

    We had a whole batch of catheters about 18 months ago that were bad. I always have tested the balloon (which is the institutional policy), and we quickly found out who did and who didn't!
  5. New Grad ER jobs

    I am a big believer in going right to the ER when you graduate. Some of the best nurses that I work with graduated from school, took a position in our department, and were mentored well and have grown into great ED nurses, with many of them doing ba...
  6. Not in our trauma room! Seriously, make sure that all you have all the information that you need should a run to the OR be needed. Look at your paperwork while you look at mine - make sure all the "i"s are dotted and the "t"s are crossed. Remember t...
  7. Nurse manager says you can't refuse iv

    Patients can refuse and/all care at any time. So why would the access be any different? Seems to me that the manager is misinformed.
  8. er visitors...a funny

    hey, hey, those management comments...i resemble that remark :)
  9. long did it take you

    I did it in '03-'04 in 9 months...and would have been six if I didn't get married in the middle! Two exams every Wednesday...then about 5 mo wait for CPNE. Chip
  10. er visitors...a funny

    Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes the "OMG, you're so uncaring, I can't believe that you're a nurse!" to show up here? I think the OP's work is wonderful...and will need to bring it to my next meeting! Chip
  11. ETMC Athens

    Anyone have good or bad - especially the ER? Thanks!
  12. So lets say....(Paramedic EC questions)

    If you don't want to be a Paramedic, don't go to Paramedic school! Your EC base will be your Paramedic training and, if you really have no desire to be a Paramedic, you will not have the interest in it that you really need to have. Then, when the ti...
  13. Do you let ambulances drop off in triage?

    We start NS wells on patients in our waiting room, so this wouldn't really bother me!
  14. Excelsior FL nursing grad endorsement dillema

    The clinicals are actually life-long. The competancy exam is three days.
  15. Excelsior FL nursing grad endorsement dillema

    The reason for this is that the VA will employ you if you are licensed in any state, not necessarily the state where the particular hospital is located. The OP has an RN license somewhere - just not FL. So a VA hospital (or any federal hospital for ...