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  1. by   zambezi
    Quote from angel337
    i agree with you, traumainthespot that most ed male nurses are usually pretty messy. just about every male ed nurse i have worked with is a slob and (no offense) not as attentive to the patients as female nurses. they however, get the work done and have great technical skills. most male ed nurses can put an IV in ANYBODY.

    I work in an ICU...but it is funny that you mention this...there are actually quite a few males in my unit...I'd say 30% male to 70% female...there is even one night where I am the only female RN on the unit...anyway...the majority of the guys that I work with are very caring (though hilariously crass when not near patients...) and very concentious about keeping rooms/ patients/charting clean--in fact, most of the them are neater that many other RNs. I haven't really found any huge differences, technical skills or otherwise other than the typical male vs female stuff ...though most of them tend to love a good crazy patient...I like working with anyone who is caring, competent, and lots of fun!
  2. by   Dplear
    Quote from TraumaInTheSlot
    maybe it will help us men become more sensitive to our female co-workers needs and maybe we can all learn something.

    Hell what about the women becoming more sensitive to the needs of us guys? :hatparty:

  3. by   TraumaInTheSlot
    Quote from Dplear
    Hell what about the women becoming more sensitive to the needs of us guys? :hatparty:

    that would cost too much $ due to maternity leave.. lol j/k
  4. by   MrsWampthang
    I agree, I don't see this as a troll post, nor a pot stirrer. Chris was just asking a question.

    Now, for your answer: Of our male ER nurses, we have one that is constantly telling dumb jokes and keeping things light when things are starting to get tense. The running joke in our ER is not to laugh at him (which is impossible! :chuckle )

    Otherwise, I don't really see a lot of difference in the guys and gals. All of us have our quirks, and good points. It's weird though when all of them are working and the gals are in the minority though.

    Oh, one thing I do see is the commaradere (sic?) the guys have with the male ER docs. It seems like a guy thing, but sometimes I think the guy docs are less irritable with the guy RNs vs the gal RNs.


    P.S. Welcome to the board Chris and welcome to the ER!
  5. by   jaimealmostRN
    What a pleasant way to welcome a new friend! Let's insult them and/or scare them away! Anyhow, I agree with what some others said with the males joking around more in stressful times. For instance, once a trauma pt is stabilized, a male will usually make the first joke to lighten the mood. Also a lot of males I've noticed are more interested in discussing acls or ems stuff. The female nurses are great in terms of multi-tasking (handling charge nurse stuff while starting a difficult IV). I've noticed that the female RNs are better friends with the MDs (both male and female) while the male RNs are better friends with the PAs....I doubt this is true every where, but I just thought it was strange.
  6. by   TraumaInTheSlot
    I am not insulted, i'm a member of many types of message boards, and i realize that people like that are looking for attention, and they are not going to get it from me. no one scares me!

    i always say this, that everyone of us excellent male nurses was most likely trained by some excellent female nurse! i know i was.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    Hi trauma in the slot! I've been an ER RN (female) for the last 8 years (I've been female a lot longer than that though)!!! Our level one ED is about 40% male, 60% female. I don't notice any differences that I can identify as a male-thing or female-thing. We have some excellent male AND female RNs. At this point, I just want some excellent RNs - I don't care about the plumbing. Nice to have you here!
  8. by   InTheBlood
    The men generally have more soreness in their backs!
  9. by   veetach
    Ohhhh dear, please guys dont throw things at me, ok???

    I work with a few male nurses, and I love working with them. They are all (well most) willing to jump right on in and help whenever needed, and they are great nurses. BUT I have noticed that most of the guys do not multi-task very well.

    They tend to focus on one thing at a time, which makes it difficult to work alongside them because I am thinking about 20 different things all at the same time. Does this make sense? They are great nurses, but I have heard many female RNs spouting off about the guys because they "only do one thing at a time"....
  10. by   Dixiedi
    I would much rather work with guys. You don't have so much of that "sensitive to the needs of female co-workers" crap.
    Quit your crying, leave your sympathy at home (refine empathy, that's as far as you should go) and for God's sake, all (nearly all) females have a menses, I don't care if you've got killer cramps! I don't care if you got dumped, you obviously didn't have what he wanted... and no, you don't have to give it up if you don't want to, but if that's all he wants, he doesn't have to stay with you either!
    Oh I could go on for days about the benefits of working with men. However, the discussion was more skill oriented and to that end I (never worked ER) have to say I've not really noticed any difference in the skill/caring from the guys. However, guys are better at keeping their emotional reponse at empathy and not falling into sympathy.
  11. by   CSLee3
    Being a male ER nurse, I have noticed that every now and then, some real jerks who are known for treating nurses bad tend to chill out when I or another maile nurse is around. And acutally change into being polite. Now this same doctor may walk away 10 minutes later and yell at a female nurse, that is when I get in their face. I realize women RN's don't need males fighting their battles for them, but c'mon girls I am old fashion and really care for my coworker's feelings. Very few doctors have squared up with me because they know I will argue and fight them over nursing issues. I just hate to see professional people be so rude.

    I think male and female nurses working in the ER ...is the best place for them to be. ....Hey we need the combo in the ER>>
  12. by   Medic946RN
    I agree, I don't multi-task well either, I prioritize very well. Thereby decreasing the amount that I have to multitask. But I found as male in the ED it sort of fell to me to be the "enforcer" If knew what I look like you'd never pick me to be the staff muscle. But as the only male on the shift I would get politely asked to "have speaks" with recalcitrant patients and of course whenever someone didn't work and play well with others, I was in on the restraining party. Coming from an EMS background it was strange. Not that any of the female RN's couldn't hold their own in scuffle. Some of them could put a hurtin on yah if you gave em a reason. I just found it interesting that profession dominated by women would be the ones who look for the "big strong man" (of which I am neither big, or strong, or even handsome) Other than that anomaly, I'd say there was no difference in pt care or the way the physicians collaborated with us.
  13. by   bobbiesal
    OK, bite my head off, BUT...

    Last time I went to the ER (3 years ago, I only go if I can't walk because I'm in so much pain & can't diagnose myself OR I'm bleeding profusely OR something's broken....)

    I was told to walk to the bathroom to give a urine specimen (never mind I arrived in a wheelchair because HEY - I COULDN'T WALK CUZ I WAS IN SO MUCH FLIPPIN' PAIN!)...then my nurse came in the room, "Mark's my name, nursing's my game!" I groaned. I had told my husband I'd be nice...so, I was nice...even when Mark didn't take the arm I gave him to start the IV, because...'he saw a vein,' & proceeded to give me a 2 inch high hematoma..."ooopsie," he said, & was able to easily get in the vein I told him to go for in the first place...

    Thank God someone else took over for him so I had at least 30 minutes of compassion...
    Sorry...but I've worked the ER as well, have had experience with men & women, & a lot of men just don't like being 'told' what to do... even when they're not being told, simply asked....

    My two cents...

    Bobbie Salveson MS RN CPNP