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Hello All, Wondering..... Over the many years of patient care I have..... I am seeing more and more verbal and physical abuse of the nursing staff by patients and families in the ED....I am... Read More

  1. by   JBudd
    We had a police officer bring in a fellow for medical clearance before going to jail, the guy was chatting up the officer, cooperative, not even cuffed behind the back anymore because he'd been behaving himeself. He was in one of the hall beds, because as usual we were overflowing. When it was time to leave, he popped up, slammed the cop in the mouth so hard he (the cop) bit all the way through his upper lip. BAM, got taken down by about 7 staff along with the officer, kept fighting, tried to bite one of my male nurses (and pt is known HepC). During the fight, some idiot surgeon in on a consult, walks out from behind the curtain, stands there looking down at the major struggle going on and tells us we should move this to a room because it was bad for public relations. (why isn't there a "donkey" icon?)

    Uh, if I had any rooms, do you think he would have been in the hall in the first place?
    Cop got sewn up, my colleague had to go to grand jury to testify about the HepC and assault on health care worker stuff etc.
  2. by   husker-nurse
    Scenario: Patient <24hr; I go in to do 0400 VS, pt does not repond to verbal cuing or shaking; I state to CNA, "I hope he responds to painful stimuli"; pt raises fist to me, pulls back as if he's gonna swing and I respond, quietly, "you do and you're going to jail." THEN I explain to patient that I was concerned because he did not respond to me, explained that he was in the hospital, we're trying to care for him, and we need to know that he hears us. I apologize for waking him, blah, blah, blah, to the best of my knowledge, he threatened no other staff members........
  3. by   husker-nurse
    Quote from nursetim
    So, if a family member wants fentanyl we just have to give it to them?What if they refuse to be seen? Are they still a customer and ipso facto always right? I think not. I worked in the ER and rarely had any trouble, but I'm 6'1" 250lbs and look like I BBQ human heads for lunch(too heavy a meal for dinner). I'm really just a big ***** cat, but they didn't know that. The customer is not always right, and never will be. Nurses stand up for yourselves now. BTW they are patients not clients or customers and family members are not even that.
    In OUR facility, anyone who enters the hospital is a "customer" and deserves to be treated as such.....
  4. by   lands1980
    20 YEARS in the ER and yes the abuse is enabled and worse than when I started including in ICU units and 6 states that I have traveled to.
    The customer is always right.
    One nursing medical malpractice insurance rider for worklplace assault states that Texas is excluded. One state has injury to a healthcare provider/Doctor, I believe is serious crime with adjusted sentencing.
    Thanks for the post and had to respond.