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Elementary Kids Took ME Down!


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Oh what a gross week....flu like SSX, vomiting, pooping, high fevers, sending kids home left and right! I have been a nurse a good while and worked around all kind of "grossness"! I NEVER get sick (even from my own 2 little ones), so I am shocked to say my school kids TOOK ME DOWN :-)

I got a horrible cold and had to miss a day...then began the RASH....a small circular thingi where I thought perhaps I had ringworm...so itchy! Then it began to spread...all over my trunk. I was freaked out and saw my primary doc (he had no clue)! Prednisone and some H2 blockers! I stopped the prednisone and then it exploded. Long story short I have a lovely viral rash pityrasis rosea! Prednisone made it worse hence the explosion (per the derm), but tell me...what's the worse thing you have gotten from your students???? (I have to blame my students for this lol!!!!!)

NutmeggeRN, BSN

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Oh no! Well at least you can laugh at it! Hope you are on the mend quickly!

Hope you are feeling better quickly!

It seems to be a terrible year for that kind of thing. My son's kindergarten class has been passing things back and forth since the start of Fall. Nasty, barking coughs that last for a few weeks, strep that won't go away with abx, colds that have turned into fever, vomitting, diarrhea, etc... ..and these colds/flus are hanging on for a long time this year. :(

This isn't getting sick from other people's kids but... My son was lucky enough to get Hand, Foot & Mouth (coxsackie virus) in Kindergarten. Yes, he was miserable with blisters covering his entire mouth, lips and down his throat but luckily he didn't get them on his feet, just a few on the hands. My lovely husband had a tendency to share drinks with our kids (and yes, I warned him that our lovely children are carriers of diseases. lol) Well, 3 days after our son started showing symptoms, so did the husband. But he got it even worse! So I had 2 boys at home that couldn't eat anything with texture, heat, acidity or salty. They were starving but it hurt so bad to eat. Poor things ate pudding and overcooked mac-n-cheese for 2 weeks. It did become comical though.... My husband thought that he would "get rid of" the virus by gargling hydrogen peroxide.... His mouth foamed up like a rabid dog! The next day, he figured he would pull out the big guns and gargle Listerine. I warned him to no avail. That is the only time that I have ever heard him scream like a little girl. Then my husband was reprimanded for missing work because the bosses wife was a nurse and told him that adults don't get Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. Only kids do. So he opened his mouth and asked him "So what the h$ll is this then?" His boss sent him home and said not to come back without a doctor's note. I felt so bad for them but at least my husband learned to not drink after the kids.

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LOL at the vision of your husband using Listerine.....Coxsackie is awful though, my daughter had it! Thanks for sharing :-)

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Worse thing I ever got from a student was a nice bite taken out of my arm. Hence the reason why I wear a lab coat 99% of the time. As far as getting sick, I did a bit in the beginning, but hardly do anymore.

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Some might say I am too mean to get sick!:mad:

My first year here, me and my (then 9 month old daughter) STAYED sick. She turned 1 that December (She'll be 4 in two days!) and we were constantly sick. She had several bouts of bronchitis and then ended up with RSV when she was 13 months. I don't know that it was actually from anything I took home to her, I was very careful about cleaning up before I held her a lot. I kept colds and sinus infections, etc. Luckily, my immune system seems to be getting better each year. I haven't been sick this year hardly at all.

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Strep. Worse thing because I ended up in the ER with 103.5 fever, swollen lymph nodes under my arms and around my collar bone, I was in agony. I was vomiting for 3 days before I got the bright idea to go get checked out. Blek! I ended up with Strep 3 times that year.

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I was in the Urgent Care with my son a few years ago (horrible looking strep throat -- we only ever get that in our family when the doc's office is closed for some reason) and I heard the doc telling the parents on the other side of the curtain that their kid had "a virus called Coxsackie".

I ever-so-discreetly moved my chair to the other side of the exam table away from that particular curtain. I do NOT need that kind of hell in my life, thankyouverymuch!