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Britrn04 has 16 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Nursing Education.

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  1. Britrn04

    3 Couplets, too much?

    In my current facility we take 3 couplets. This is manageable when we have 3 healthy couplets, but this is never usually the case. We have sick Mom's down here with high BPs, drug use, scant prenatal care etc etc. Subsequently our babies are SGA, LGA, GDM and req blood sugars, we give IV abx amp/gent to newborns on our PP floor that were exposed to GBS and mom not covered. We have no techs, no lactation at night and we are responsible for all Mom and infant care, VS, baby baths, hearing screens, 24 hr testing, CBC/bilis etc etc. Also, my floor take GYN surgeries and sometimes you can have a mixed group. So to be fair, it really depends on your population and what the RN is responsible for. When I lived in CA, we had 4 couplets and it was a whole different ball game with techs, hearing screens were outsourced, labs came and did our blood work and PKUs too. Find out what these PP/Mother-Baby nurses do and consider the question again.
  2. Britrn04

    Nurse Family Partnership

    Thank you for your perspective on home visits. I did interview yesterday and got a lot of good information about the program from the field staff. It is very successful in my area. I can definitely see the benefits and obstacles moving forward.
  3. Britrn04

    Nurse Family Partnership

    Thank you for the helpful feedback.
  4. Britrn04

    Nurse Family Partnership

    Has anybody made a hospital move (from LD PP, Nursery etc) to NFP? I am interested on hearing about your transition and if you like the program. How about personal safety and job satisfaction? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  5. Britrn04

    Nurse Family Partnership

    Has anybody made a hospital move (from LD PP etc) to NFP? I am interested on hearing about your transition and if you liked the program. How about personal safety and job satisfaction? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  6. Britrn04

    New School Nurse: VENT

    I only stayed as a school nurse for 1 year. I went back to the hospital setting. I got an MSN in Nursing Education and teach adjunct in a BSN program. Later on, I will try to teach full-time and get my summers that way :-)
  7. Britrn04


    I purchased: AWHONN Perinatal Nursing IBSN 978-160913-622-2 and CCPR workbook (Maternal Newborn Nursing) Good luck. :-)
  8. Britrn04

    Trying again RNC

    Can anyone offer a study recommendation for RNC-Maternal Newborn. I really want a CD with a ton of questions I can practice with. Anyone? Thanks
  9. Britrn04


    I think many questions today are behavioral based. What would you do if....type questions. Some questions I would ask my MB manager are: What is your leadership style? How do you lead by example? How have you led a change project? How do you lead and motivate staff that are busy, working OT and on call hours? Wish you luck.
  10. Britrn04


    I am looking for any good resource tips/ and recent personal experience for RNC-MNN specifically. I am only finding old threads on allnurses and am looking for something more current. I have all the info on how to register with NCC etc, so I am more looking for any suggestions for study (resources, length of time to etc). I am very experienced and will be studying alone and cannot attend a review course at this time. Suggestions? Thank you
  11. Britrn04

    Male student nurse interviewing for Postpartum..

    I have worked all over the USA in Mother/Baby and in NBN and have only seen Male RNs in NICU or NBN. Good Luck :-)
  12. Britrn04

    RN job in UK

    Yes, I have a passport and NI number. All my family is there; I married an American and am US trained. Just something to ponder with my parents getting older...not a process I would really like to endure with NMC. Thanks
  13. Britrn04

    RN job in UK

    I wonder how it would work for me. I have a BSN, but I have a British passport and still a UK subject. I know I'd need to go through the the nursing council but I wouldn't need a permit visa. Do you think this would improve my chance?
  14. Britrn04

    New School Nurse: VENT

    I tried so hard with school nursing and moved on....it really wasn't for me. Perhaps it is the area I live in, but I found it just wasn't a good fit. My husband is a teacher and really wanted to get on his schedule and take the summers off. Not for me. I just completed my fist semester of MSN program in Nursing education and going to try the teacher gig :-) I used NASN and did the free CEUs and learned by the seat of my pants. Good luck!! https://www.nasn.org/RoleCareer/PlanningaCareerinSchoolNursing
  15. Britrn04

    Prenatal Care Manager

    I need to do my homework and research about this position. I have been in OB for approx 10 years in the hospital environment. Questions: How shall I prepare for this interview? What does being a case manager require from the RN? Is it a high stress job? Is it a hard job to learn? Any suggestions and pointers would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. Britrn04

    Gas & Air For L&D/Home Births

    Entonox is still a popular pain relief choice in England...midwifes still provide home births and delivery in the hospital environments. Women usually just see a Dr AKA consultant for complications. My sister had a water birth and was still allowed to use Entonox in the bath!!