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  1. mandyroseallen

    Finished pre-reqs....now the waiting game begins!

    Grand Rapids, MI. There is a huge medical system and lots of medical stuff going on here. There are 4 major hospital systems in the area that are constantly growing...so nursing and other med careers are what everyone is going to school for. So we all sit and wait for school..
  2. mandyroseallen

    Elementary Kids Took ME Down!

    Hope you are feeling better quickly! It seems to be a terrible year for that kind of thing. My son's kindergarten class has been passing things back and forth since the start of Fall. Nasty, barking coughs that last for a few weeks, strep that won't go away with abx, colds that have turned into fever, vomitting, diarrhea, etc... ..and these colds/flus are hanging on for a long time this year.
  3. mandyroseallen

    Finished pre-reqs....now the waiting game begins!

    Good job ladies! I am playing the waiting game! Have been for 3 yrs. I am on the waitlist....and where I live it is 3-5 years! So in the meantime I have gotten my Associates in Health Information Management and am a semester away from my Bachelors in Health Care Administration. I figure they will come in handy when I finish with my RN and want to move into Case Management or Life Care Planning. I've got a plan...now I just need to start the program!!! :)
  4. You would have to look into your states requirements and the hospital you want to work for.....but I think it's something you should definitely look into. Get some experience in healthcare. There are plenty of places that don't 'require' certification, but they also usually do not pay very well. Like home health, group homes, resident assitants at nursing home extensions. In Michigan you can get Certified [CNA] after taking the first semester of your nursing program...or there are plenty of career academies that offer the program. Also, many employers will reimburse you for your state licensing fee after 90 days of employment [in Michigan anyway]... Look into it a little bit for your state, I am sure CA has plenty of options and courses. It would be a good idea for you to get a glimpse of what working in healthcare is actually like [good for any prospective nursing student]. Working as a CNA is a great way to make connections with future employers and get a foot in the door somewhere for after you graduate. As many people have said, there is no nursing shortage-nurses are 'seemingly' in demand-because it always looks like there are plenty of jobs out there, but they mostly want experienced nurses...there are lots of nursing job postings on various job websites...but that is not because of any shortage...that is simply because healthcare has a huge turnover rate...for every job you see there are 100-200 nurses applying. Sure there looks to be plenty of jobs available at any given time, but there are also tons of nurses looking for work. Example:: One of my coworkers graduated in May with her ADN...it took her until December [2 weeks ago] to land an interview. She had applied to over 45 jobs in that time...did not hear from any until this one. She has accepted a per diem position because there are no FT and few PT positions available for new grads. She can't get into the hospital because they don't hire anything but BSN now that they have Magnet status...and the other hospitals have told her they have met their 'new grad' quota at this time. Her CC class graduated 45 RNs. That same month 2 Universities graduated their nursing classes of 200+ from one college, 100+ from the other...and in just a few weeks one of those universities will graduate another class. ...and this is the output of new nurses..every..single..year. When you take those numbers into account you can easily see that there are not enough jobs for even the new grads...let alone the experienced RNs looking for jobs. So where am I going with this?... Get a PT job in healthcare..CNA, unit secretary, scheduler, patient transport, rehab tech, receptionist, medical office.. Anything medically related that you can get into..because when it comes time to apply for your first RN job-you are going to need connections and experience in healthcare....and if it takes you a while to land your first RN job, at least you will have a little income coming in! GL!!! :)
  5. mandyroseallen

    Finally did my own delivery

    Congrats! You did it. What a great accomplishment for you!
  6. I don't think it's an ideal situation...and I would never recommend someone take out student loan money to live on. There are many other options...scholarships, work-study, etc.. I know plenty of people who work, either full or part time, and are in school. I am one of them. So it is possible to work and go to school. If you take out, and burn thru all your student loan money...and have no job...what is the plan? To keep taking out more student loans? It's a slippery sloap. I know plenty of people who have degrees, but no money, because everything they make goes to pay for student loans... They can add up quickly! Just make sure you have a plan before you take the leap. It seems like there is always some random, unexpected expense and if you don't have an income coming in and are always waiting for the next loan...you may find yourself more miserable than if you had stayed put until after school. GL!
  7. mandyroseallen

    Newbie CNA-What Its Like

    Sounds about right! :) It's a tough job physically, and sometimes emotionally draining...! I loved working as a CNA when I did! Although I had a somewhat different experience than most. I worked dual roles, would flex a lot to other positions, and so on....so I never really got the usual CNA burnout. I've found that it is definitely the type of job where you do have to learn your own way of doing things, and find out what works best for you...so when you were told you will 'get your own groove', it's true... No one does the job the same way, and to be efficient in the position you have to figure out your best way of doing things. Along with getting your own routine down and doing the different parts of the job at the times that work best for you. I mean you can't come into work at 630am, shower 4 people and still make it to the dining room by 730am when you still have 5 other people to get up and dressed and into the dining room for breakfast..lol. So you just have to find out what works for you... Some days I would have 9-11 patients, some nights I would have 15 [and it would be a full moon, of course]! It was hectic and crazy sometimes, but there are also times when it is truly an amazing job. You meet some wonderful patients/residents, and get to know their families.. Occasionally you have a spare few minutes here and there where you can sit down and paint someone's nails or hear the stories from someone's childhood. Those moments are great! You will inevitably come across coworkers that don't work hard, or do the right thing, or put patients in harm, it's a sad reality of the job... In my area the pay can be really good, and the education needed is low cost and short term, so a lot of people get into it not really knowing what they are in for. So in turn they don't last or don't do a good job. These patients and residents depend on you for their everything...! Ultimately you just have to remember that you are caring for people, and they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity...and if you can't do that for them...then it isn't the right job for you! [not you OP, just 'you' in general]
  8. mandyroseallen

    A&P 1

    It genuinely depends on you as a student. I took it and got an A...but I like science, studied my butt off, and didn't ever let myself get behind or miss a class. It is definitely the kind of class where your grade reflects the effort you put in. We had tons of prelabs, connect exercises, quizzes every lab, take home exams, and lots of in class group stuff during lecture... I found that most people did well if they put in the work, but for the people who let themselves get behind it was almost impossible for them to catch back up and do well.
  9. mandyroseallen

    Should I retake Biology?

    Agree with earlier posts...it really depends on your final grade and the retake policy. If it's a B grade and you can only retake a few classes, it isn't really worth it to retake biology [with a decent grade] and quite possibly be out of luck if you need to retake a nursing class later on.
  10. mandyroseallen

    Tough decision, must be made my tomorrow

    Agree with this... If you can afford to be out of work, and for who knows how long, then wait on the dream job. If you can't afford to be out of work...take the sure thing! GL!
  11. mandyroseallen

    nursing program with 2 little ones. realistic?

    Totally doable! Like other people have said, it's going to be quite the balancing act, but completely doable if you are prepared. ...and so worth it! We have crazy, long waitlists where I live [5 yrs]...so I am just now getting ready to enter my nursing program next semester....but in the meantime have been able to get my degree in HIM and Healthcare Admin...and with babies at home. It has been hectic and stressful..but I love it. I have 2 little ones, 5 and 2 yrs old. It has been a big juggling act, and definitely helped me be more of a 'preparer/planner!' I make sure to have childcare covered, and also a backup just in case. Trying to figure out when I can fit in family time, and also work to cover my tuition. ...and still be able to keep my house clean!. Lol. It's a busy time.. When they were babies it was finding time to pump, or meeting my husband and son at the coffee shop near campus to nurse. Staying up all night with them bc they were horrible sleepers...and living on coffee because it seemed like I was up at least 22 hours a day. Now it's staying up after everyone is in bed to finish my homework, make school lunch for my kindergartener and make sure all his papers, homework, boots/snowpants, etc are ready for the next day...and packing a change of clothes, snacks, and pullups for the little one so he is all set at the sitters. I feel like I'm always getting ready for the next day. Good luck, you can do it! Just remember to take it one day, one semester, at a time...and when it gets overwhelming or stressful-remind yourself why you are doing it-and you will get through. :)