Ear Plugs?


hi all,

I'm taking the NCLEX this month, and was wondering what the scoop was with ear plugs. Do they provide them for you (and are they plugs or headphones) or must you bring your own? Everything I've been told points to them providing them since you can't bring much of anything into the test w/you. I worry about getting distracted by the tap-tapping of the person next to me--even though I can focus w/a preschooler and a 1st grader tearing each other apart outside my study door!



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Yeah, I'll be taking those, too... I even find them oddly comforting when I am studying at home with three pirates running around and under and over me, too!


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I accepted the foam ear plugs they offered (you're right that you can't bring anything into the room besides what they give you). I didn't end up needing them, though, because the new test plan includes audio questions and I just wore the available headphones the whole time. With those on, I didn't even notice them setting up the rest of the test-takers.


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I asked about using my own because I don't find the foam ones to be any good, and was told you have to use the ones they provide.


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Thanks for the info, everyone... Glad to hear they provide some ear protection. It's funny--I do fine when studying at home, but if someone is tapping their foot or sniffling during an exam in class, it drives me nutty. Stress response, maybe??

:) Dtrmnd

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The Pearson Vue testing center provides earplugs if you need them. However, I simply opted to wear the earphones that they had provided for the entire length of my test, as this effectively blocked out any transient noises that might have otherwise distracted me. There's an audio portion on the practice portion immediately before your actual test will begin, and you will need the earphones to listen to it.


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Haha, I used BOTH the earplugs and the headphones over them. It helped block out all the room noises. Really...I have difficulty concentrating when I hear the person next to me breathe. Hehe..

Good luck though!