dying to pass nclex

Nursing Students NCLEX


Please please pray for me. My nclex is tomorrow. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. :redbeathe:heartbeat:redbeathe:heartbeat I hope my heart rate doesn't increase.

This be my second time so I hope god will be there for me and guide me to the correct answer.

thanks all of you who respond to me in the last couple post and for your encouragement.

Good luck and God Bless... And ill pray for you....

Good Luck! I to failed my first attempt at Nclex...I will be in the same shoes soon...GOOD LUCK!!!!!;)

Good luck.

Good Luck you are in my prayers!

Good Luck!!!

Thank you everyone for keeping me in your prayers. I just pass my nclex exam. I am so happy. i'm now a RN. :nurse:

This website has helpped me a lot. I went up to 75 question and the computer shot off and I was so scare that I'm not going to pass again because the first time i took it went up to 75 question also. I had 2 picture question: 1 picture had a question select all apply and 1 picture was teaching to pt. I also have about 8 or 9 select all apply question. maybe 5 or 6 medication.. 1 drag into the box-put inorder. and the rest is priorty questions. I thought i wasnt going to pass. Thanks to god for being there to guide me. thanks everyone

Congratulations py2010 :yeah::yeah::yeah::lol2::lol2::lol2:... What are your review materials??? I cannot actually afford to go to a review center... Any tip you would like to share???

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congrats rn!! feels great, right?

angel, rn

congrats rn!! feels great, right?

angel, rn

oh yes! feels like a big elephant just came off from my shoulders.

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