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I haven't seen any threads yet about Duke's ABSN program for Spring of 2018 so I thought I would start one to chat with other hopefuls like myself!

Also, if anyone who has previously been accepted into the program, any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! For now, I have a few questions:

- Does anyone know if they weigh all parts of the application equally?

- What is their acceptance rate?

- Any good tips for the personal statements? I'm finding that it's very difficult to articulate why I want to be a nurse without sounding cheesy.

- Where else are y'all applying?

I think that's all for now! I look forward to chatting with everyone!


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I'm also hoping to apply for Duke. However, I recently realized that tuition is higher than I thought, so I'm wavering a little bit. I'm sure I'd love the program, but $88,000 for four semesters just in tuition is kinda scary!

I participated in the webinar this week about admissions and have a few answers to your questions:

- They usually get between 350-400 applications and accept 70-75 students. So that's between a 20% and 18% acceptance rate. Eek!

- On the personal statements, they said to make sure you're answering the question fully. Consider the questions your "interview on paper."

I'm not sure where else I'm going to apply. So many schools have weird pre-reqs that I haven't taken and don't particularly have time to (ie- Ethics or Speech). UNC-Chapel Hill, University of Jacksonville, Drexel and University of Colorado all meet my preferred requirements (in a cool enough city/state, not excessively expensive, and no weird pre-reqs), but they all have such different application deadlines, it's confusing. Anyone else running into either of those issues?

Hope to hear from others soon!

- Jax


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Nice to meet you Jax!

I ran into the same problem with other schools requiring weird prerequisites and I 100% agree on the crazy deadlines! I have some applications due in a few weeks and others that don't even have a deadline announced yet. I made a spreadsheet of my top 5 schools including prereqs, whether or not they require the GRE, and application fees and arranged them by deadline which has definitely helped me organize and focus my efforts! Maybe it's something that could help you too. Good luck on all of your applications and thank you so much for sharing!

Best wishes,



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I am also applying to Duke's ABSN program for spring admission

I'm a registered veterinary tech and am taking pre Reqs as well. I am having a bit of trouble with the personal statements it's hard to write just one page double spaced after the heading as the question takes up part of the space!

would love to chat more!




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Hello, I want to get people's opinions on applying to this problem straight out of college? do most people take gap years?


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KaitlinC, I'm in the program, and while the makeup/background of each student may vary from cohort to cohort, there seem to be several who applied to/attended the program straight out of college--including me! Others who waited a little while did so for many different reasons (i.e. needing to complete prerequisites, being burnt out from their first degree, getting finances in order, wanting to travel, etc.). Everyone's situation is different, but for me, one benefit of going from my first degree straight to nursing school was that my study and time management skills were still sharp.


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Hello! I recently turned in my application last week - I'm so nervous and just waiting for my transcripts to be delivered right now. From what they told me, they weigh all parts of the application equally but keep in mind that their average GPA is a 3.6 which is really high. I believe their acceptance rate is 20% because they said they get between 300-450 applications and can only accept 70-75 students per cohort. As for the personal statement, they said to answer THE ENTIRE question fully. The problem with most people is that they only answer one part of the question.

I am also applying to:

1. Roseman University (rolling admissions with an 80% acceptance rate)

2. Samuel Merritt (48% acceptance rate)

3. University of Texas at Tyler

4. Buffalo University (maybe)

5. CSU Stanislaus (maybe)


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I am bummed out that no one has been posting on the forum! Anyone heard back about the status of their application??

cld0607, BSN

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Specializes in Emergency Nursing.

I am still waiting! I think I saw online that decisions will be released in July.


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Hello all,

I also applied for Duke spring 2018. My application has been sent over for review but does anyone know a general ball park of when we'll hear back? Also, if Duke does interviews?

I'm not sure when exactly we will hear back. I do know that Duke Days is July 21st, which is invite only for those who are being considered for admission or the waitlist. There are no interviews. I applied to the Spring 2018 Cohort as well.


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I have been reading the forums from the spring 2017 cohort and I saw they received decisions on June 21st even though the site said July........ soooo ya!