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  1. JennaAnn23

    Failed First Attempt at Pharmacology HESI

    HELP! I'm currently halfway through my nursing program and am finishing up Pharmacology and Fundamentals. At my school, we have to take specialized HESI's for each nursing class as our final exam. I passed my Fundamentals HESI but failed my Pharmacology HESI with a 52% when I needed a minimum 57% to pass the class. Should have been easy to attain right? I know :( I only get one more chance next Wed 9/25 to pass with a 57% or higher. I ran out of time the first try and had to guess on a few questions but still didn't get to answer the last two. Does anyone have any study tips? I just got access to my remediation on Evolve, but I'm still nervous that I did so horribly. I'll admit that I wasn't that sharp with my drug endings - but I struggled most when it came to what to do in emergency situations and side effects/adverse effects for certain drugs. I really don't want to fail this class, I've already gone through so much in nursing school as a whole, and I'll only have 8 months left if I pass this Pharm HESI. I'll take any advice possible. I have really bad test anxiety so I'm trying to remain calm so that I don't blank out during the exam! I just recently got the hang of using my ABC's, the nursing process, and the eliminating process which helped me pass the Fundamentals exam - but I know Pharm focuses more on drugs and their contraindications/side effects.
  2. JennaAnn23

    Failed 2 nursing tests

    Your chances of passing are looking very slim. When is your drop date? If you can drop after your next exam (in case it doesn't go well) then you should just wait & see what you get first. However, if your drop date is already close, then I would just drop the course because you don't want to risk having a failure on your transcript. I started my ABSN program last semester & had to drop two classes that I highly risked failing. I was devastated of course but I am now retaking those classes and am in a better space, with a better focus. If I would have stayed in those two classes knowing how bad my exam scores were, I would have failed both of them & would have gotten kicked out of my program. I'm now doing much better in those classes (still struggling a little in one of them though) and I don't regret dropping them. It's better to repeat than to fail. I know it's scary & it feels like you're quitting too early, but it's literally for the best. Your goal is to graduate & do well in your classes, especially if you want to continue your education afterwards. In the end, if you still choose to stay in that class then you really need to 1. Start studying with your classmates who are doing well in that class. 2. Go to tutoring like 1-3 times a week! As much as you can. 3. Change your study habits. If you're struggling in that class then that means you need to study every single day (no joke). Start making flash cards weeks before the next exam, watch YouTube videos, meet with your teacher, get a good tutor, study with another person and make sure you can explain every detail to them so you're sure that you know the material. 4. Utilize all of the study materials you are given. Use the questions at the end of the chapters in your book to study. Also, if your school uses Evolve then make you practice all of the questions that the website offers. Repetition is key! Keep us updated on your decision! And don't worry, you will become an amazing nurse in the end :)
  3. JennaAnn23

    Marian University ABSN Summer 2018

    Yes, I'm in the Online ABSN and I don't recommend the school UNLESS it's the only school you got into because it's super expensive ($50k for the whole program), you're pretty much on your own and your professors don't make the exams. Another company does so sometimes exams don't match what you actually learned. I personally don't feel like professors are supportive and they constantly make you feel like you shouldn't be a nurse just because you mess up on minor things. The benefits are that you'll only have clincial/lab 1-3 times a week and you get more time at home.
  4. JennaAnn23

    Marian University ABSN Summer 2018

    I'm in the Indy program.
  5. JennaAnn23

    Marian University ABSN Summer 2018

    The hardest class was definitely Patho and the second hardest was Pharm. I have to retake both of them next semester.
  6. JennaAnn23

    Marian University ABSN Summer 2018

    Program costs $50k. I have to repeat two classes from the first semester so it'll be a little more now. I'm at the Indianapolis campus, and yes I believe I can register for the NCLEX in Cali afterwards. I wouldn't recommend this school personally - but i'm stuck now. If you don't get into any other schools then come to this one - it's easy to get in to.
  7. JennaAnn23

    Creighton University ABSN Spring 2018

    They do not waive transcripts. I had to pay what I owed the community college & had the transcript sent to Creighton. However, I did not get accepted. I am currently in another ABSN program now though, luckily.
  8. JennaAnn23

    Marian University ABSN Summer 2018

    What is portage learning?
  9. JennaAnn23

    Marian University ABSN Summer 2018

    I took most of my prerequisites at the University where I got my first Bachelors degree. You just need Anatomy, Physiology, Micro, Statistics, Theology, Abnormal Psych, Soc. etc. basically all of your social sciences too. I only too Physiology, Micro, and Theology at Marian. Just make sure you have above a 2.8 GPA. The school is not competitive though. My overall GPA was a 2.8 and my science GPA was a 3.4 lol. Just apply super early. Spring & Summer is their least competitive period, but Fall is their most competitive so you would need a high GPA to get in during that time. You do NOT need to take the TEAS or HESI either.
  10. JennaAnn23

    Marian University ABSN Summer 2018

    I live in Fishers, while it is more expensive than the other neighborhoods, it's much safer. I don't have a roommate, and honestly if I did, my rent would probably still be the same lol.
  11. JennaAnn23

    Marian University ABSN Summer 2018

    The program is alright so far. I'm in week 4 now and everything moves really quickly. I wouldn't say it's super hard yet - you just have to stay organized. I love the online lecture part of it - not worth wasting gas going to school everyday lol. I have a 3 hour lab class on Mondays and 8 hour clinical/lab days Tuesday and Wednesdays. Then exams on Thursdays and Fridays sometimes. The only classes I'd say are hard are Patho and Pharm but I just need to study more honestly then it may seem easier. The teachers are cool, some nicer than others - but most of the exams are just based on the powerpoints honestly. Just be good at memorizing. And also, they are strict about time. 5 minutes late could easily get you a write up.
  12. JennaAnn23

    Marian University ABSN Summer 2018

    I already start the program and have my apartment lol sorry. Just wait until you meet your Fall cohort and see if they need roommates.
  13. JennaAnn23

    Marian University-Online Accelerated Program

    I will be starting the program this Monday! Super excited and loving how everything is going so far. If anyone has any questions, please ask :)
  14. JennaAnn23

    ECPI University July 2018 ABSN

    Thanks for the heads up! Are you at least doing well in your exams and clinicals?
  15. JennaAnn23

    Creighton University ABSN Fall 2018

    I didn't get accepted because of my GPA. They said I could reapply after I finish my prerequisites - luckily I already got into Marian's program and will be starting there in May. Congrats to anyone who was accepted and good luck to everyone!
  16. JennaAnn23

    Creighton University ABSN Spring 2018

    I was told my application will be reviewed tomorrow and that I should expect and email by Monday or later in the week. I'm so nervous!

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