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  1. Lucky#Four

    Duke ABSN Spring 2018

    Hi! KaitlinC, I'm in the program, and while the makeup/background of each student may vary from cohort to cohort, there seem to be several who applied to/attended the program straight out of college--including me! Others who waited a little while did so for many different reasons (i.e. needing to complete prerequisites, being burnt out from their first degree, getting finances in order, wanting to travel, etc.). Everyone's situation is different, but for me, one benefit of going from my first degree straight to nursing school was that my study and time management skills were still sharp.
  2. Lucky#Four

    Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    Hi, macarthurparker! I really enjoyed my Duke Days experience. On top of the school's great reputation, the knowledgeable and accessible professors, small clinical groups, a high NCLEX pass rate, state-of-the-art technology and facilities, and the option to go on a global excursion were just some of a number of things that make the program appealing. The campus itself is also beautiful! The only unappealing part is the price tag, but if you ask me, the program (and all of the resources and opportunities that it provides) is well worth the cost. To answer your other question: I didn't encounter any big surprises that I wasn't expecting. Overall, Duke left a great impression on me, and I am thrilled to be attending!
  3. Lucky#Four

    Duke Spring 2016 ABSN

    Hi, everyone! I have also been lurking for a bit. I was accepted and plan to attend the Friday Duke Days. :) Luckily, I live in NC so I won't be coming from very far. To those of you on the wait list, hang in there. I have my fingers crossed for y'all! Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted! I'm excited to meet everyone. Warm wishes, Lucky#Four

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