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I started my A&P class with roughly 50 people. Now, there are roughly 15 give or take a few. Yes, the class is difficult and yes, time consuming. But, NO, it is not impossible. I have read many posts of people shaking in their boots and Freaking out over this class. Firstly, its is only 6-7 months out of one's lifetime(considering both A&P 1 and 2) So, the "suffering" is very short lived. I wonder to myself if a person struggles at A&P, if they are going to REALLY struggle when the nursing classes begin.

There is a girl in my class that has taken A&P 4 times. I was completely shocked when she told me this because I was teaching her some things during our study group. Needless to say, I have compiled a few tips that I have used through my A&P class and I have a 97% while taking English Composition, Psyh 101, Soc 101, and have a job(btw, I'm no genius)

1. A&P as well as any class needs to be number 1 priority

-Yes, last time I checked, school takes a great deal of time. I understand people have children, sick people to take care, prior engagements to the Grey's Anatomy T.V. series, or drowning their A&P sorrows in booz. But, as everyone in the country knows there is a "terrible" recession among us and the job market is ******, so all the more reason the cut out the BS and take care of business.

2. A&P NEEDS to be your boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, friend, and cuddling partner!!!!!

-You're probably like huh? Yes, treat your anatomy class like your life-long LOVER. Open a bottle of 1976 Pino Noir, Jam to some Marvin gay, and study away. Basically, you WILL be cheating on your special someone with your A&P book. Spend quality alone time with your book. If you treat your book and A&P class with compassion, some lovin' or maybe a naughty massage, you'll get the grade you want.

3. STOP ********

-I don't need to say much here. NO excuses. Just do it!(like nike)

4. Get to know your professor.

-Kiss some serious booty. As lame as the professors may seem they know what they are talking about. If you get to know your professor they are more inclined to cut you some slack when you need it the most. For instance, your kid gets sick, your partner dropped your book in the toilet, or your dog ate your homework, whatever the excuse may be, your newly befriended professor will probably cut you some slack.

5. Dont blame your professor if you didn't get the grade you want!!!!

-Ok, a majority of professors have alot of education of the body and not much in "laymens" communication. You will very quickly realize your professors talk in a fast, sophisicated, hard to understand A&P language. Furthermore, many of these professors were not MEANT to be professors but you have been "SOO" lucky as to be in their class. Just adapt to their style and learn to deal with it. (buy a recorder, walmart sells em' for $30)

6. DREAM of A&P

-You should be studying A&P so much that you have dreams about cells, skin tissue, the thoracic vertebrae, and muscles daily. You should literally wake up and be able to recite anatomy facts without thinking about it. SUBMERGE YOUR LIFE in A&P. I know it sounds crazy and obsessive but I'm PRETTY sure you don't want to take A&P more than once.(Like the girl in my class, 4 times!!! WOW)

7. Accept failure, learn from it, and move on

-You will fail a test or at least get a grade that you could cry over especially when you "thought" you studied enough. It's part of the class. There is SO much information to cover, its understandable and nearly inevitable. Realize that your grade on the test is not your death in the class, because there is always time to recover.


-Obviously, you get my point here. I have seen TOO many people think they have studied and then come test time, they are sweating bullets. Test anxiety comes from lack of preparation. If one is prepared, tests will be much better for you. Eventhough tests naturally are a bit stressful, preperation dramitically decreases that test anxiety so many suffer from. There are countless ways and techniques to study and you need to find what works for you. Preferrably somewhere that isn't distracting and will allow you to get into the "zone." Another thing is study efficiently.Ok, how you ask? Well, thats not simply answered but basically, study like your life depends on it.(Technically, your professional life does) As far as I know, all A&P classes are 4 credit hours. The college (so-called)advisors say multiply that by 3. HOWEVER, multiply that by 5. A person should be studying A&P at 15-25 hours a week. You are probably like ****NO!! Well, thats fine if you don't mind getting bare minimum grades, but why not strive for excellence? The nursing program I've applied for requires a "B." I don't shoot for the bare minimum and I don't think anyone else should either. Inevitably, patients will suffer from a mantra like this.

9. Look at A&P as an Enlightening experience not an Annoying obligation

-You will soon learn that A&P will teach you facts of the body that are amazingly complicated but amazingly AMAZING. The fact that atoms form molecules. Molecules form macromolecules, molecules form organelles, organelles form cells, Cells form tissues, tissues form organs, organs form organ systems, and organ systems form me, the guy typing this thread. The body is exceptionally fascinating. Look at the class as a learning experience of yourself and use that knowledge for the betterment of yourself and for your future patients.

10. Kick the SOCIAL life to the wayside!!!! NOW!

-This goes along with TIP 1 but this needs special attention. As people, we all thrive when we socialize with others. It is part of our nature to want to go out and have a good time. However, I promise you if the social life is more important than school, the school will not give a rat's *** and will give you bad grades. I also promise that your social life can always continue where it left off. Another point to consider is seperate yourself from anything or anyone that can and probably will deter you from your goals. Alcohol. Boyfriend. Girlfriend. Drugs. Sex. TV. Partying. All of which can be put on the back burner, so you can succeed.

This is all I could think of right now. I hope to all that read this will benefit somewhat from my "tips." I consider my "tips" as common sense but others may not necessarily have that. :wink2: Let me know if it helps!

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Oh my gosh, this is hysterical.

Sweet, sweet lovin' :1luvu:

guest042302019, BSN, RN

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lol. Yeah, i guess it comes off that way but I'm trying to get a point across.


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Taken and noted. Something about getting it on with my textbook, right? ;)

OMG.....so true!! I do have dreams about A&P!! But I actually enjoy this class immensely!!:up:


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If you don't like and do well in A&P then you will find nursing classes uninteresting and difficult.

To get good grades in any science class such as A&P and microbiology requires a good 2-3 hours of study time daily. That means 20 hours a week.


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Thanks for sharing this :)

Thanks...Nothing comes easy in life and i am very sure that with the way i treat my religion, interpersonal communcation and art history class with immense OCD affection...A&P wont be much of a bother... :)

he he, took anatomy last semester and just must say this poster has it all right!!! Eat, Sleep, and Dream anatomy...forget dates, forget nights out, forget shopping...forget everything but anatomy and you too can get an A!!